Foop's Big Adventure is an upcoming movie on Nickelodeon written by Miya Parker.

It premiers on February 13, 2015.


Foop murders Poof and then when death comes death tries to take Foop too, cause Foop is the opposite of Poof, meaning he has to die too.

Foop uses the magical dimensional scissors he stole from his cousin Star Butterfly to travel to the Uncle Grandpa universe. He meets Belly Bag, his long lost brother. He gets a crush on Aunt Grandma cause they both have an accent, but then Aunt Grandma gets arrested for vandalism of the UG RV. Foop, now heartbroken that his soulmate is in jail that he runs away from that universe and ends up in the Breadwinners universe.

He meets his OTHER long lost brother, Buhdeuce. Buhdeuce is engaged to Rambo and then RAMBO DIES. BAMBOO FRICKIN DROPS DEAD. Foop magically revives her and it turns out that Poof is still alive, and POISONED RAMBOBO!!! (Poof now goes by Darth Poop!!!!)

Foop runs away again and ends up in cyberspace where he goes to Google (represented by a magical pretty rainbow colored goddess) who tells him how to defeat Darth Poop.

Foop defeats Darth Poop, Aunt Grandma gets out of jail, Foop marries Aunt Grandma and they all live happily ever after the end.


  • Foop and Poof are adults in this story
  • There was originally gonna be another long lost brother but I -- I MEAN NICKELODEON -- ran out of plot ideas for the other brothers
  • Originally Google was gonna be revealed to be Foop's real mother
  • Cleverbot makes a cameo in the google scene
  • Eric Bauza is awesome

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