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For Crying Out Loud - Marissa Edition is a The Life and Times of Aya episode.


  • Satsuki and Charmaine become babysitters of a crybaby Marissa while Aya is away on safety patrol. But, the spoiled little girl starts crying louder than anyone does.


  • Aya
  • Marissa
  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine
  • Pooh (cameo)
  • Ash (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Sonic (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Aya wearing Officer Jenny's clothes)
  • Aya: Okay, Satsuki and Charmaine. You had to take care of Marissa while i'm on safety patrol. Got it?
  • Satsuki: Okay, Aya.
  • Charmaine: See you.
  • (Aya leaves)
  • Satsuki: Okay. What we're gonna do is to babysit Marissa.
  • Charmaine: Right.
  • Marissa: (giggles) You're both going to babysit me.
  • Satsuki: That's right, Marissa.
  • Charmaine: We're the babysitters, you see.
  • Marissa: Yay!
  • (Satsuki and Charmaine take Marissa to her room)
  • Satsuki: Okay, Marissa. Don't mess everything up.
  • Marissa: I'll try.
  • (Marissa walks along nicely until she trips over fallen blocks and falls to the floor)
  • Charmaine: Marissa are you all right?
  • (Marissa gets up, whimpers, and burst to tears)
  • Satsuki: Ugh! Marissa, you fell over fallen blocks and now you're in trouble.
  • Charmaine: We better make silly faces at once.
  • (Satsuki and Charmaine try to make silly faces to Marissa, but it didn't work)
  • Satsuki: I'll try rocking her up. (holds Marissa) Upsy Daisy.
  • Marissa: (stops crying then laughs)
  • Satsuki: See, Charmaine. You should know that cheering Marissa up makes you cute.
  • Charmaine: That's all right. But if Marissa should have been crying that means she'll be in big trouble. (laughs but Marissa starts crying again)
  • Satsuki: Look what you done, Charmaine. Now apologize.
  • Charmaine: My bad, my bad.
  • Marissa: (stops crying and sniffs)
  • Charmaine: It was all my fault.
  • (Jackie and Omi appear)
  • Jackie: Hello ladies. We're taking Marissa to a safer place.
  • Satsuki: But we...
  • Omi: (takes Marissa) There's no need to be rude. Marissa will just fine.
  • Charmaine: Marissa will start crying again.
  • (Too late, Marissa lets out an ear splitting cry)
  • Jackie: (screams) Marissa's crying louder than i thought.
  • Omi: Enough, Marissa. Stop! Whoa!
  • (Jackie and Omi fall down the cliff, screaming)
  • Marissa: Help!
  • Satsuki: We're coming, Marissa.
  • Charmaine: Don't worry.
  • (Satsuki grabs hold of Marissa along with Charmaine)
  • Satsuki and Charmaine: (scream as they roll down the slope and toward the water)
  • Marissa: (screams)
  • Satsuki and Charmaine: Save us!
  • SpongeBob: Don't worry. We'll get downstream somehow and save you, Charmaine and Marissa.
  • (Mateo, Marissa's older brother, rushes in)
  • Patrick: It's Mateo, Marissa's older brother.
  • Mateo: (grabs SpongeBob through his collar) All right you weasally Sponge thief. What have you done to Marissa?
  • SpongeBob: She went for a little swim, Mateo.
  • Mateo: Marissa! Oh, man. She's in trouble now.
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Satsuki, Marissa and Charmaine surviving from the water)
  • Satsuki: At least we're safe now.
  • Marissa: (goes bubbly eyed and starts crying again)
  • Charmaine: Ugh! Stop! We just had enough water for one day.
  • Satsuki: (growls and enlarges her head) Stop crying!
  • (Marissa get more upset, cries even louder and runs off)
  • Charmaine: Now where do you think you're going you little crybaby!
  • (Satsuki and Charmaine follow after Marissa)
  • Marissa: (still crying trips over a rock, whimpers, and does a renewed wailing)
  • Satsuki: What's the matter?
  • Charmaine: Here.
  • (Marissa gets angry and slaps Charmaine and Satsuki on their cheeks)
  • Satsuki: (angry) Don't do that.
  • Charmaine: (angry) All right, go ahead and start crying then.
  • Marissa: Huh?
  • Satsuki: (angry) We're not gonna love you no longer.
  • (tears come out of Marissa's eyes as she whimpers like a puppy)
  • Charmaine: (glares at Marissa, but turns into sadness) Oh.
  • Satsuki: There's something we can do to stop Marissa from crying and get back to Mateo.
  • Charmaine: I know. Why don't Marissa start listening to us. Marissa, can you listen to us.
  • (Marissa nods and start intimidating her ears)
  • Satsuki: This shall wait longer, Satsuki.
  • (Marissa keeps intimidating her ears)
  • Charmaine: This won't hold longer, Satsuki.
  • (Marissa keeps intimidating her ears longer and longer)
  • Satsuki and Charmaine: (both angered) Why don't you keep listening to us.
  • (Marissa gasps, whimpers, starts crying like a siren)
  • Satsuki: Sorry. Our mistake.
  • Charmaine: We accidentally yelled at you. Our bad.
  • (Marissa keeps crying)
  • Satsuki and Charmaine: (crying) We're the ones who ought to be crying.
  • (Cut to SpongeBob, Patrick and Mateo)
  • SpongeBob:

Part 3

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