For Crying Out Loud - Roll Edition is a Marvel Versus Capcom episode.


  • Ryu, Hayato, Guile, Ken, Jin and Charlie have to babysit Roll while her older sister Baby Bonnie Hood is away. But, Megaman's girlfriend cries louder than ever before and when Ken, Jin and Charlie get separated from the others, Juggernaut, Sabretooth and Silver Samurai take her away by surprise.


  • Ryu
  • Hayato
  • Guile
  • Ken
  • Jin
  • Charlie
  • Roll
  • Baby Bonnie Hood
  • Juggernaut
  • Sabretooth
  • Silver Samurai


Part 1

  • (We see the boys with Roll)
  • Baby Bonnie Hood: While i'm going to see Chopper, you boys stay and watch Roll.
  • Boys: Right.
  • (Baby Bonnie Hood leaves)
  • Ryu: Remember, Akuma is my enemy.
  • Roll: Huh?
  • Ryu: He always screams when he does an action pose (imitates Akuma's action pose, scaring Roll and making her cry like a siren)
  • Jin: Ryu, you idiot!
  • Charlie: Make it stop!
  • Ken: Upsy daisy.
  • Roll: (stops crying and laughs)
  • Ryu: Ken, how could you.
  • Ken: Because it's the best at i can do.
  • Hayato: I think Roll has crying fever.
  • Jin: What about Strider?
  • Guile: If Bison shows up, i'll break his bones!
  • Charlie: He wont kill me.
  • Roll: (gasps, whimpers and cries again like an ambulance)
  • Guile: Stop it!
  • Ryu: (holds Roll) Okay, okay. Don't cry.
  • Roll: (stops crying and sighs)
  • Juggernaut: We came to take Roll.
  • Sabretooth: Hand it over.
  • Silver Samurai: Business is for us.
  • (Ryu hands Roll to Juggernaut)
  • Juggernaut: Thanks.
  • (The X Villains drive off)
  • Ryu: Sister stealer!
  • (The boys race after the X Villains)
  • Juggernaut: Rich we tell you.
  • Sabretooth: Wolverine will never see me.
  • Silver Samurai: I think Roll's crying again.
  • (Roll cries louder and longer like a siren)
  • Juggernaut: I can't drive.
  • (The truck crashes into the barriers)
  • All 3: (screaming)
  • Roll: (screaming also as she rolls down the hill)
  • Ryu: There she is.
  • Ken: We'll get her.
  • (Ken, Jin and Charlie try to catch up to Roll but slip over)
  • All 3: Whoa!
  • (The four land in the water)
  • Ryu: Hang on, Ken.
  • Hayato: They're drowning.
  • Guile: Hold on, guys. Don't let go.
  • Ken: All right. Just take care of yourselves.
  • Hayato: Don't worry, we'll get downstream somehow and save you, Jin, Charlie and Roll.
  • (Baby Bonnie Hood runs up)
  • Guile: Chopper's girlfriend. I hope she's getting angry.
  • Baby Bonnie Hood: (grabbing Ryu's collar) All right you weasally sister thief. What did you do with Roll?
  • Ryu: Are you supposed to be a dream or a nightmare?
  • Baby Bonnie Hood: I heard you talking about my sister noe where is she?
  • Ryu: Megaman's girlfriend.
  • Baby Bonnie Hood: Yes! What have you done to my sister?
  • Ryu: She went for a little swim.
  • Hayato: Mellow out, miss. Roll was born under Vega.
  • Guile: If Venom finds out and takes her. Then it will be big trouble.
  • Ryu: I'll look for my friend.
  • Others: Right!
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (

Part 3

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