Raise Dead - This spell is used by Mages who practice necromancy to summon and control corpses and skeletons to do their bidding. A particularly powerfull Mage can raise entire armies of undead hordes to fight for them, laying waste to towns and villages who aren't suitably protected.

Control Person - As the name suggests, this spell is used to control the thoughts and actions of another person, it takes a significant amount of willpower to fight of the effects of this spell though it can be done. This is a spell often used in kidnapping and other coersive criminal acts. For controling the body, sometimes a material component is used such as a doll made with some of the victims hair which is then placed in the center of a magic circle and burned durring casting.

Poison - This spell has several different incarnations ranging from spells that simply sicken the victim to those that cause death. The incantations very little and it seems to be that the potency of the Poison enchantment is based more on the intent of the person casting it. If they caster wishes death then the poison will be much stronger than if the caster simply wishes to harm.

Curse - This spell can cause a variety of effects depending on the intent of the caster and the material components used. This is the only other spell known to require material components due to the need to specify durring casting what effects the caster desires to bring down upon the victim.

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