Force_Flow, AKA 'Abby', has been joining and posting on websites since she was ten. She joined KotORFanMedia at age twelve, and became known as Starwars Chick. She submitted many worthless pieces of fiction, and ended up deleting most of them. She had become well-known for her graphic works which includes (but's not limited to) signatures, avatars, wallpapers…

When Revan Jast founded the proboards site Overseer, Starwars Chick became a mod there. Then, impressed by the ubber-coolness of Proboards, she created her own site, simply titled Vode An. She decided it would be a RolePlay site for Star Wars fans. Vode An Version 1 launched in the summer, and became a small hit with her fellow KFM fans. She was only thirteen.

Now, under the name of Tracyn, she found codes and skins with the help of her good friend Revan Jast. She celebrated her fourteenth birthday there, as did a few others.

Then came school.

It came and took away some of her most active members. The RolePlays were on a standstill. Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, she decided to wake everybody up by creating V2 on another Proboards server. She got about a member a day, and she had a great skin which quickly got old after a while. Activity spiked up, then fell. But, now, she has succeeded in making Vode An more pleasant for the members.

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