Force Powers

  • Art of the Small - shrink your presence in the Force to a microscopic size.
  • Aura of Uneasiness - project a field of vague unease around you, causing nonsentient creatures to avoid you.
  • Battle Meditation - instill in your allies a greater morale in battle while reducing the opposition's will to fight. Using the Force, one can coordinate entire fleets of ships, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency, acting as one to counter every enemy move quickly and effectively. Though ideal for meditating large-scale conflicts, Battle meditation is equally effective when implemented in small skirmishes, attacks, and duels.
  • Battlemind - augment your morale and fighting spirit though sheer focus.
  • Force Bellow - amplify your voice using the Force, even enabling you to destroy structures.
  • Force Concealment - mask your Force alignment (Light or Dark), your ability to use the Force, or even your entire presence from other Force sensitives.
  • Create Force Wraith - create Force Wraiths.
  • Deadly Sight - focusing your hatred into deadly energy, and inflict pain and injury upon your foes merely by looking at them, causing their body to burn and smoke as they die. With this power, you can damage entire groups of foes within your field of vision.

Tiring to sustain, it iss inefficient in terms of the strain caused on your Force reserves, but is nevertheless effective in the right situation.

  • Force Destruction - create a massive energy field and throw it in any direction. Discharged through the arm or hand, it can blast a large radius vaporizing anyone who get too near it. Even those who escape direct contact with the blast will be pushed asunder by the power's backlash. Using Force Destruction is very exhausting, requiring a great deal of focus and concentration, and can only be used a few times without requiring you to rest.
  • Force Drain - Force Drain refers to a spectrum of offensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which uses the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target. Mastery of each technique can scale the area of effect, sometimes dramatically, or exhaust the victims almost instantaneously.
  • Force Immunity - Force Immunity is the stronger version of Force Resistance. While Force Resistance offers limited protection from Force attacks for 60 seconds, Immunity renders the user virtually invulnerable to any Force powers. The user cannot be harmed or manipulated by the Force while using Force Immunity.
  • Precognition - The ability of foresight was perhaps universal to the Jedi or Force sensitive and was manifested in the form of Force Visions of future events, or helped the Jedi predict his opponent's movements.
  • Psychometry - Psychometry or telemetry was a Force power that was a mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it. This power allowed the user to view events as if they were there, including the sights, sounds, and feelings, both emotional and physical, that the wielder of the object experienced. This power was easier to use on personal objects that were used frequently. Objects that were used once or by several people often made the use of this power difficult, though it was still possible.
  • Force Scream - Force Scream was a Force Power used by Dark Jedi. It was a scream, of strong frustration, rage, or grief, emitted through the force.
  • Tapas - Tapas was a Force power that allowed its user to draw on the power of the force to remain warm in a cold environment.
  • Force Travel - Force Travel was a Force power which allowed a being to travel great distances instantly by creating a momentary rift in space. This power caused the user to be corrupted by the dark side, as it broke the normal rules of the Galaxy by ripping the Force asunder. This power became more difficult to use depending both on how far away the target was, as well as how familiar the Force-user was with the location.

Sith Alchemy

  • Mask (Sith Alchemy) - The Mask technique was a special application of Sith Alchemy, a technique that was little-known in the galaxy (perhaps even almost forgotten)- for good reason. Though Sith Alchemy could be used to create dangerous artifacts or horrific monsters, the Mask technique was far more subtle. A Sith Alchemist could use the Mask to literally reshape an individual's appearance, altering a body at the molecular level. Very little was beyond this technique, limited only by the craftsmanship of the user. Features, age, disfigurations, even species could be concealed with the Mask (though the latter would require an incredible amount of skill to accomplish convincingly). Owing to its molecular nature, the technique lasted until altered, and even a thorough medical examination would not be likely to reveal anything out of place, unlike the tell-tale scars of surgical alterations. In fact, not only was a Mask more convincing than cosmetic surgery, but it was also horrifyingly faster: a skilled alchemist able to alter an appearance in mere minutes (provided the necessary materials were on hand).
  • Mechu-deru - Mechu-deru was a Force based skill of the mechanized area. Part of mechu-deru related to the ancient Sith Alchemy which infused mechanical objects with the energy of the dark side of the Force.

Sith Magic

  • False Light Side Aura - a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that covers a dark-sider's dark side aura with one of light.
  • Illusion (Sith magic) - Illusions, or mindforms are dark side Force manifestations, that when conjured through Sith magic, creates visible, lifelike astral projections of whatever the conjurer desires. The illusions touches all of an individual's sensory perceptions, and only through concentration on the Force is an individual able to perceive them as being false.
  • Mind control (Sith magic) - When conjured through Sith magic, Mind control was a dark side Force power that granted the caster the ability to effectively control and influence the minds of anyone they chose.
  • Summon darkness - Summon darkness was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that created visible, palpable waves of literal darkness, accompanied by a loud roaring sound.
  • Force blast - Force blast was a dark side Force power, that when conjured through Sith magic, projected concentrated blasts of pure dark side energy at objects or opponents, usually with devastating effects.
  • Summon fear - Similar to Force Fear, horror, insanity, or Torture by Chagrin, summon fear was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that caused the victim to experience their worst fears to the point of hysteria. It is a very powerful ability, and the duration and intensity vary depending on the caster.
  • Supernova (Sith magic) - Causing Supernovas through Sith magic was a dark side ability that allowed the conjurer to effectively control and purge the core from a star, thereby causing a stellar explosion. This ability had the potential to backfire on the conjurer.

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