Fordinahk is a tall red-haired boy of thirteen. He was bitten by a lycanthropic vampire, thus giving him the powers of a vampire and a werewolf. He is a member of the Hut and has battled Mulchtrunker, TriSnarl, and countless others.

Early Life

Fordinahk and his family's house was destroyed in a fire in which two of Fordinahk's brothers, Naalix and Joe Orangeye supposedly died. They fled to Fysroh Castle, hoping to find shelter there. The family was sheltered under he condition that the two remaining brothers, Fordinahk and Spade would serve King Fysroh when they grew up.

Life in the Hut

Fordinahk, when he was old enough, set out to explore. He soon became an agent of King Fysroh. Within several years, he discovered an ancient never-ending staircase. Without knowing he couldn't go back up without a Flying Hut, he walked down the stairs. Soon, he met Lakrish, a Flying Hut pilot. The two explored the Staircase and flew back up to safety. Lakrish and his hut, from then on, were allies of Fordinahk,

Kessha & Kahishak

During a later exploration mission, Fordinahk and Lakrish met Kahishak, a teenager who was locked up by Mulchtrunker for freeing Fangees. Kahishak escaped and helped Fordinahk defeat Mulchtrunker. But Mulchtrunker wasn't dead. He escaped back to his palace, where two rebellious slaves, Kessha and Bizblink Jr., were escaping. Mulchtrunker arrived in time to see the two of them escape, heading towards Fysroh Castle. The tw were accepted as part of Fordinahk's squad.


The Destroyer, a galaxy-devouring monstrosity, was coming closer and closer to Tethiia. For years, the Fysrolian Flying Huts, led by Kessha, Lakrish, Fordinahk, and Kahishak, held back evil enemies. But the weren't prepared to face the Destroyer. Only the intervention of King Fysroh and cloak falsely believed to be one of the nine hoodssaved the hut. Now, a mysterious Lastfire club has appeared and is fighting the Destroyer. Soon, Fordinahk may meet his match...

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