A blue–green (III/111) forest located to the north of the city of Tor (III/map), filled with beautiful trees and dappled in sunshine. Ferns and majestic elms canopy the brown-leaved ground (III/73). Under the deep, green gloom of straight pine trees (III/44), the forest floor becomes moist and mossy and the leaf carpet gives way to marsh marigolds and spider grass (III/73). The woods eventually reach a series of forested gullies (III/35). Creatures encountered here during the course of Usurper! include a leopard (III/73) and the forest sprites (III/44).[1] When Avenger ventured here, Glaivas said that, like many forests, the Arkadan brought its dangers, but with his guidance most of them could be avoided. The forest has at its heart the Crypts of Arkadan, which Glaivas said should be steered clear of at all costs (III/111). In the vicinity of the Crypts, Avenger was struck by paralysis and subsequently slain by the Fiend from the Pit (III/201).


  1. Capricious fay who take delight in tormenting and stealing from travellers. The sprites sometimes help those who find themselves in danger, but will not aid people who have harmed the forest or its inhabitants (III/132, et seq.).

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