The Forever Inquisition

The Forever Inquisition (FI) are a pseudo-medical religious force in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


The Forever Inquisition were originally a small band of members of the White Star, both the Sol and Nova Castes, that grew disillusioned with the organisation they had pledged themselves to. They saw an increasingly corrupt and decedant society emerge around them, and they feel that this was a dangerous place for the White Star to be heading in. It had been founded to promote peace and calm amongst a dangerously desperate population – why had it strayed so far from its original path?

The last straw for this dissident group was the re-population of the ships to better accommodate, what they saw, as the White Star’s plans to let their non-believers die. Using the massive movements of people to mask their escape, they publicly denounced the practices of the White Star and escaped into the crowds using a few of their rebel allies in the Living Army.

They were vigorously pursued, but for the most part they managed to escape retribution. After forming the Confessors Of The Forever Inquisition for their protection, they went about the populaces and preached a combination of religious and medical practice, to better protect the bodies and minds of their wards against the oncoming mutation.

It was the Forever Inquisition that helped the masses cope with the first onsets of mutation and madness. They were a shining star in the darkness of the ships, and their presence gave hope to many that would of otherwise been lost. Even today, with the radiation levels dropping, they still travel amongst the people, helping those in need all the while denouncing the evils of their former brothers, the Church Of The White Star.


The Forever Inquisition has a very loose structure. They place more emphasis on individual ability rather than rank in times of crisis, and as such there is little definition in the formal hierarchy. One naturally progresses up the command structure with one’s accomplishments. The ruling body of the Forever Inquisition is a council of Inquisitors from all ranks.

Rank Structure

  • Inquisitor
  • Inquisitor-Cleric
  • Inquisitor-Major
  • Inquisitor-General
  • High Inquisitor

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