June 6, 1998

I’ve been liberated. Those that found me call it the lie. I called it hell. I was sick of it. I was sick of huddling like a cowed animal awaiting someone to come and devour me. Instead I’ll be the light. People will huddle around me, and I’ll protect them. From the darkness which seems to threaten us all. I will be the proverbial fire, and I will dispel the lie that threatens to silence our true purpose.

September 10, 1998

Reboot is official. It took us a while, but we finally settled on the name. Rebirth sounded too old school, and the Reinitiation Society invoked images of hierarchy. I’ve taken the name Format. Nerdy I know, but my awakening did just that. It reformatted me into a new being. I’ll live up to it. I’ll embody the ideals of the free council, and I will rise to the peak of the revolution with my cabal. I cannot wait.

May 21, 1999

They killed her. Those bastards killed her. Innocence had nothing to do with anything. They killed her because they could. They killed her because she touched it. She trusted them. They cut her open like a pig. All for this damn disc. This ridiculous circle with lord knows what on it. Innocence did not even know what on it. She just touched it. Held it. Maybe they killed her to keep her quiet. I wonder what is on this list. I wonder if it was worth dieing for. I wonder.

June 30th, 1999

Lies. Lies. Lies. We Lie. All six orders Lie. We ignore the humans huddling. They gather close, force themselves to swallow the air of other. They desperately grasp for contact. A connection. Anything to remain into the lights of the proverbial camp fire. Anything to keep them from the shadows. The shadows where darkness dwells. Evil crowds in alley ways waiting to serve death. Gnashing its metal teeth like a machine hungers for harvest. Gnash. Gnash. I am among them. Using my power to suck a little more hope from the fire. Gnash Gnash on the bones of those that could be saved. For the sake of secrecy. Gnash. I am no god. I thought I was. I am no god. I am a tyrant. Outside the rules because I want to be. Soon I’ll face judgment like the rest. I’ll be purified by their fires. Judgment will spread among us like fire among the brush. Soon, the true lie will be destroyed.

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