Map of FEROB

Former Escotian Republic Of Bedingfieldia (also: Bedingfieldia (constitutional name); FEROB) is one of the 6 states of Spila.


It is situated on the coast of The Ocean. It borders these Spilian states: Eastern Escotia, Continentia, Indipendia and Capitalia. It doesn't share borders with any independent countries of the Northern continent.

Bedingfieldia's capital city is Bivshigrad, situated on the Cape of Good Dope.

Bedingfieldia is one of the most densely populated states in the World. The only inhabitated places are Bivshigrad (the capital) and Qotor (on the Manama Isle).

There is one giant lake in the middle of the state, Manama Lake. The Manama Isle, with the city of Qotor, is situated in it. It's the largest lake in Spila. It's surrounded by mountains on the south and north-west.

The biggest mountain ranges in FEROB are:

The highest peak is Twin's Peak (2345 m) on Norg Mt.

The biggest river is Meros, it originates in the Manama Lake and flows into The Ocean. Other bigger rivers are (all of which flow into Manama Lake): Golja (originates in Continentia), Gromska (originates in Mount Thunder), Hejška (originates on Hejg Mt.), Plenta and Grž (originate on Norg Mt.).

The Western part of Gammah Valley is situated in the northeast.


FEROB was held under Escotian control for many centuries. But, in the 19th century, the inhabitants organized many protests and riots, being unsatisfied with the way that Escotian Government treated them. The UN put its' forces on Mt. Hejg for keeping the riots out of the other Escotian parts. But, lots of citizens from all over the state have climbed the mountain, and shot the nearby towns in current Eastern Escotia. The UN surrendered and put the state under the official Spilian control.

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