Sneak Preview

Roman: One of our Dark Rangers has been extinguished. Devack has failed us, however when one falls another shall rise. Time to pay our Gym Leader a little vist. (Door opens) Misty, your time has come.

(The scene cuts to the enerdy chamber)

Roman: The moment you tried to take out Rex and his friends during the Fortune Tornemant, I liked your personality. I couldn't let Jenny send a Gym Leader with your potetional to some high security facility or something. Instead I freed and brought you here to come face to face with your destiny.

Misty: What is that beneath us?

Roman: We stand above the Gateway to the Netherworld, the doorway to the shadows, the pool with unlimited power.

Misty: And why have you brought me here?

Roman: To help you Misty. You are going to be given power that is too powerful to comprehend. You are going to become a Dark Ranger.

Misty: And what is that?

Roman: Tell me something Misty, have you forgiven Rex? Have you forgiven him of what he and his friends did to Cerulean City and for Ash interfering?

Misty: Are you kidding?! I'm as angry as I was at the tornemant.


Ash: Misty? Are you okay?

Misty: I'm fine Ash. But its not over yet. I told you about what happened to Cerulean City and the Gym there, the fire and the destruction. And I've learned the truth. Rex isn't going to help me rebuild my home. How could he when it is not there anymore?! Look! That was Cerulean City! He came up with the idea of calling Arcues to his aid by using the nearby river as a secret testing ground. He couldn't control the energy and then it happened. My friends and sisters who lived there are gone! Nowhere to be found!


Misty: I refuse! I won't forgive Rex for his actions and for Ash interfering when I had the chance!

Roman: Which is why you must give up your duties and become a Dark Ranger. Embrace your anger. You're going to need it.


Misty: Was that a... AAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


Roman: Your life as you once knew it is now gone Misty. The shadows of the Netherworld in this pool will consume the Gym Leader you once were. Sparing only your thurst for revenge and become your anger giving you the power to defeat Rex and Arceus together. Now, your path of vengance begins with the one who interfered to stopping you for stopping Rex when you had the chance. For your sisters and friends, your home which was taken by Arceus' abrupt appearance. You must finish what you started, you must start with Ash Ketchum! Misty, through all your anger and lust for revenge, I grant you new life as a Dark Ranger!

Misty: Gulp!

Massive Column Glimmer

Roman: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the scene cuts to Hoenn when Ash hurries to watch Dawn's Shadow Battle)

Misty: Ash! I'm coming for you!

(not far away)

May: Uhhh. What happened.


Lazar: Its been a blast but I wouldn't wait for that rematch.

May: What's your hurry? Get back here and finish this! (rumble) Huh? Uh oh. Hey! Wait for me! Come on just a little faster. I can't catch a break. First it was clowns, now its clouds!


May: Hello? Anyone at home? Max?

Max (illusion): May? You're back!

May: Hey I was so... Wha? Mom? Dad? No. Everyone's gone. NNNNNNNNNOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May: The Dark Rangers are gonna pay for this!

Ash: Check it out Brock.

(leap and grinding) Misty: Get out of my way.

May: Sorry, Dark Ranger but it looks like you're stuck. Wait a sec. I know you. You're Misty. Your're a Dark Ranger? What do you want?

Misty: I'm looking for Ash Ketchum.

May: Well I've got bad news for you, I'm you're old friend May and since you're a Dark Ranger, we're not going anywhere until we Turbo Battle.

Misty: You're challenging me? Please, you're not one of the trainers that we want.

May: Listen Misty, the only thing that matters to me is that you're a Dark Ranger and you're going to pay for the disappearence of my family and most of Hoenn and the only currency I accept is bitter defeat.

Misty: What are you talking about? I didn't do anything.

May: Don't play dumb with me. Your giant Pokemon and creepy black fog swept over Hoenn and emptied it of everything including my family.

Misty: Hmm?

May: That included Max, my younger brother. He didn't do anything to you, but that's how you guys usually go. And I'm going to stop you.

Misty: I'm on my own path to vengance and it doesn't involve you. I'm dealing with some talented trainers and their new friend Ash. I'm afraid he'll take the fall of defeat first.

May: Sorry, but if you want to get to him somehow, you have to go through me. And I was prepared in case you guys wouldn't accept.

Misty: What's that?

May: Its my electromagnetic pulse charge and once used those Turbo Skates of yours are history. If you think you can get away in time, wait till you see how much faster I've gotten recently.

Misty: Well that's a bold move. But, since your are going to accept you're ticket to the Netherworld I accept your challenge. Perhaps by battling you, I can lure Ash right to me.

Brock: Is that a whale?

Ash: Wait a sec. There isn't a Whale unless they turned someone new into a Dark Ranger. Lets go and see.

Misty:Since this is a real Shadow Turbo Battle there's no going back until the last attack has been made.

May: Well old friend, since you're one of the Dark Rangers and they have taken most of Hoenn from me, I'm in a way of no return on this Turbo Battle. Oh and why don't we make things interesting, no restrictions except one thing.

Misty: And what is that?

May: No protection armor. (thinking)I better protect myself. If she brings out one of those Earthbound Immortal Pokemon, I better find a way to dodge those attacks so I avoid biting dirt like Dawn did according to Ash. (talking) Since we're making this tricky, the first person to race around the corner first stays in front for the rest of the battle. You ready?

Misty: I was always ready as a Gym Leader before. So, how should we start?

May: Here you go.

Misty: Huh?

May: Don't worry, its not my pulse charge, its my alarm clock from Sinnoh. We race off from when the clock reaches 0.

Misty: Oh. You had me going there.

May: (thinking)You're going down permantly.

Clock: 3, 2, 1, Go!.

May and Misty: Lets ride!

May: (thinking) She has a lot more wheels on her turbo skates but its not how fast you go, its how good you ride.

Misty: Do you seriously think I'm going to fall behind already? Let me show you what real speed is.

May: Here goes nothing.


Misty: It looks like I win the corner round in a few seconds.

May: Guess again.


May: Woohoooo!!!! Venusaur, come on out.

Misty: Not bad, but lets see about how much my team has changed for this battle. Pellipepper, come on down!

May: Too bad. Venusaur use Vine Whip! Huh? Where did it go.

Misty: Use Dive Exploder. (Explosion)Sorry May but it looks like coming first got you a bad move.

May: What?! You're telling me that going in front got me nothing!

Misty: Exactly. Now Pelipepper, treat Venusaur to a round of Double Locked Shadow Peck!

May: Venasaur, return! Whoa! (Bang) Come on. Come on. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash: Faster Brock! (thinking)Whoever is battling that Dark Ranger has no idea the amount of danger they're in and if they come Pokemon to Pokemon with an Earthbound Immortal, this could be their very last battle.

To be Continued...

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