== Sneak Preview== Ash: May, its good to see you alright. What? Misty? How did?... Hold up, are you the?...

Misty: Dark Ranger, yes. This is the only way to get my revenge on the team from Isshu. They destroyed my home Ash! And if joining the bad guys for once is the only way to make them pay, so be it!

Ash: May, you remember what I told you from these Shadow Battles, please let me take your place.

May: Forget it! It was the Dark Rangers who were responsible for making most of Hoenn vanish. And when they miscovered most of the region, I couln't do anything to stop them from making my family vanish too, even Max got caught up with it and its all my fault!

Ash: What? Most of Hoenn? No.

Misty: I think its time we stopped this trip down memory lane as you May are soon on a one way ticket to the Netherworld.

Ash: Stop this.

Misty: Huh?

Ash: We're all on the same side, you both lost what was important to you and that's why your're battling. You should be finding a way together, not tearing each other apart in a Shadow Battle. Look Misty, the group of trainers from Isshu are the ones you want responsible for destroying Cerulean City, so now what, you're now joining the Dark Rangers to wipe out them and the rest of the world?

May: That's why I need to win this. Misty has to be stopped.

Ash: Not like this. There has to be...

May: Enough Ash! If hate is what it takes to win so be it and were're talking about a Shadow Battle. There's no stopping it. Ungh.

Ash: (thinking)May. (talking)Then good luck, but remember this, hate won't bring Max back.

May: We'll see.

Misty: Now, its time to bring back an old favourite.

Ash: Oh no. That nearly beat me before.

Misty: I can't believe how close you came close to losing to Lapras. Rest assure, this time May won't be so lucky. Hehehehehehe.

May: (thinking)Great, now I'm facing a Water and Dragon Pokemon with only 3 Pokemon left after Glaceon. Maybe I should roll on with Lapras for a bit. (talking)Glaceon will do nothing.

Misty: What a waste. I was hoping to put up a fierce fight this turn. Lapras, use Dragon Pulse!

May: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Oof!

Ash: Watch out!

May: Whhhhoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! (grinding) Ungh! That was very close. Glaceon, return.

Ash: (thinking)And if it gets any closer, this could be a very short battle.

May: Wartortle, I choose you! Now, use Ice Punch!

Misty: Is this some sort of a joke? Just look at their own stats.


Ash: Why did May attack with that? Now she'll lose for sure.

May: It looks like Level stats don't matter in this battle. Take a closer look at Lapras as a nice sculpture.

Misty: My Lapras! Its frozen.

May: Now, finish it with Hydro Blast.

Ash: Hydro Blast?


Misty: Whoaaaaaa! Raaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!


Ash: Misty!

May: You were right Ash. I guess hate would make me as bad as a Dark Ranger if none of this happened.

Ash: I'm just happy my friend is back. Now lets....

Misty: RRRRRaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!

May: Talk about counting chickens before they hatch.

Misty: Your Wortortle scratched my paint job May! You'll pay for that!

May: Well it looks like you'll have to try to keep up on your "dublimobiles".

Misty: Don't forget this is full contact. Now I give you my Starmie. Next I'll bring out my little gizmo right here.

Ash: Not that.

Misty: I'm dark tuning my black spiral with my Starmie so it transforms into your doom. Whe the shadows are devoured by even darker shadows, the curtains pull back and reveal...

May: A world without light.

Misty: Hey, that's my line. Anyway, I give you Darflamer.

Ash: May won't sink that thing.

May: Well it looks like things are starting to get interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next.

To be continued...

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