Recap from Parts 1 and 2

Roman: One of our Dark Rangers has been extinguished. Time to pay our Gym Leader a little vist.

(the scene cuts to the transformation)

Roman: Misty, through all your anger, rage and luster for revenge, I grant you new life as a Dark Ranger. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

(confrontation scene)

Misty: Get out of my way!

May: Sorry, but you're not going anywhere.

Misty: I'm looking for Ash Ketchum.

May: If you want to get to Ash, you're going to have to go through me.

Misty: Perhaps by battling you, I can lure Ash right to me.

(battle scene)

May and Misty: Lets ride!

May: Venasaur, come on out!

Misty: Pelipepper, use Shadow Peck!


May: Ash is here.

Ash: Misty?


May: That's quite the whale Misty. Its just too bad I'm going to have to sink it along with the last of your team.

Misty: Oh please May, your're not sinking anything of mine. And speaking of reinforcments, I have my Darflamer do a magic trick, which lets him take on the abilities and types of one Pokemon that cannot battle like Lapras.

May: What? But I already took it out once this match.

Ash: (thinking)And you're going to have to keep taking it out unless you can deep six her Darflamer's ability.

Misty: Welcome back, Lapras.

May: Nice move, but it looks like you'll have to find a way to stop me grounding that thing.

Misty: And how do you plan to do that with only two pokemon left? Now, Lapras, use Dragon Blast and end this. Looks like the only one being grounded this match is you.


May: Ungh! AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (crash) Oof!

Ash: Oh no.

May: Ungh!

Misty: Don't bother trying to get up. It looks like you and your Turbo Skates are out for the count in 2 minutes. This battle is mine.

Ash: May, are you...

May: Stop. And if you interfere, I'll lose. I've got too much to... Ungh. Lose.

Ash: But your Turbo Skates...

May: They're going to be fine Ash. They maybe down, but they're not out. So, you ready?

Misty: Always ready. You're move for a little stragety.

May: (thinking) Move? I can barely breathe. That fall must have damaged more than my Turbo Skates. (talking)Skitty, come on out. (thinking)But first, I must figure out a way to take out her Darflamer and the Lapras copy out for good,. With the shape I'm in, I might not last much longer or withstand another attack like that. (talking)Ah!

Ash: (thinking)It sounds like May is more hurt than she thought she was. She'd better recover and fast.

Misty: Thats it? Because the only thing that is going to be anahilated is the last of your team and all you've got left is your Skitty and one Pokemon and that last one doesn't scare me for a second.

May: We'll see.

Misty: You cannot stop the innevitable. Darflamer, use Dragon Blast again and make sure she goes down for the count and one step closer to the Netherworld.

May: I'm not going anywhere.

Misty: Not what?

May: Now Skitty, use Intense Blizzard or if you don't know and upgraded blizzard to take out your Water Pokemon in one blast.


Misty: Nooooo!!!!!!!!!! Darflamer, return! How could you?

May: Thanks for the help, Misty.

Misty: I was prepared for that.

May: Huh?

Misty: You see now I've only got one Pokemon left and in your opinion of Dark Rangers Ash, I'm sure you know the last one is an Earthbound Immortal.

May: An Earthbound Immortal?

Ash: This was just what I was afraid was going to happen.

Misty: Now, come forth, Chacu Challua!

May: Uh oh!

Chacu Challua: Rooaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash: That thing is huge. May better watch out.

May: Alright, this is it. I may not be able to use most attacks on a Immortal but that doesn't mean I can't attack. Skitty, use Blizzard and force that whale to submission.

Misty: Doesn't matter. Who said it has to use Water attacks to take you out. Chacu Challua, use Earthbound Whiplash and take out Skitty.

May: This wasn't part of the plan.


May: Skitty, return. Ungh!

Ash: Hang on.

May: Uunggggghhhhhhh!!!

Misty: Had enough or can you take some more?

May: Blazekien, lets do this.

Misty: So what? Now Chacu Challua, use Bassera and take out this pathetic fighter.

Ash: If you don't stop this attack May, you'll lose.

May: I'm on it. Now use Blaze Sheild which not only protects my Blazekien but also burns your Earthbound Immortal.


Misty: Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! Doesn't matter, its just too bad my Immortal's Special Ability that will be keeping your Blazekien on the sidelines.

May: Alright then, since your little water show is still showering on my Blazekien, it can now do a Fire and Water Whirlwind.

Misty: But that means...

May: Your Immortal's history. Now use Fire and Water whirl...

Voice: Stop!

Another Voice: You mustn't do this!

May: What? Stop playing tricks with me Misty. Wait. Are those people inside her Earthbound Immortal?

Misty: Finish your attack or are you going to give up in some sort of illusion.

Ash: Misty, In case you don't believe me in you about to finish May, look inside your Earthbound Immortal very close.

Misty: Fine Ash. What?

Voice: Misty.

Other Voice: Help us out of here.

Misty: No. It can't be. What are my sisters doing inside this Earthbound Immortal?

May: She knows them?

Ash: Yes. I've seen them before.

Misty: Wait a sec. That means Arceus isn't to blame. It was the Dark Rangers all along. And here I was blaming you and your friends from Isshu.

Ash: Misty, now that you know the truth, you better...

Misty: I know Ash. I'm going to forfiet the battle to set... Argh!

Roman: Fool. This is nothing but a trainer trick. Show no mercy or I'll make you do it my way.

Misty: (possesed)Heheheheheh!

Ash: Misty, no!

Misty: (possesed)I'm afraid your tricky won't work with the dark power I... (normal)Argh! Get out of my head whoever you are!

May: Misty.

Misty: May, end this battle now before... Argh!! (possesed)Not exactly, I think its best I end this battle and banish you to the Netherworld and you Ash will be next.

Ash: You better be careful with Misty, May. She isn't going to hold anything back.

Misty: (possesed)Thats right Ash. Now, Chacu Challua, attack with Earthbound Whiplash!

May: No!

Ash: Don't give up. You can end this, I know you can.

May: You're right, I can. Now where was I from last round. Ah yes since its still raining, Blazekien, use Fire and Water Cyclone! (thinking)This one is for you Misty!


Misty: (possesed) Rarrrrrrrrragggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (normal) Ungh.

May: Yes. (boom) Huh? Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Misty: Watch out!


May: Misty.

Misty: Oof!

Ash: Are you okay?

Misty: I'll be fine. Although its time I got going for the Netherworld for losing a Shadow Battle. Ash, I'm sorry for earlier in the tournemant about blaming Arceus' power and you. May, just to let you know, you've been the best opponent I've been against. Thank you.

(Misty then turns to dust)

May: Misty, we'll continue for your sake the battle against the Dark Rangers.

2 minutes later

Ash: So, is Ursula next Dawn?

Dawn: Yes. We do have one last score to settle with.

May: Then good luck.

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