Fort Lawl: A society RP


Fort Lawl is a society RP that was first created in the mind of one Highwind07. In the beginning, the Fort was at relative peace. Then the GFMC or the GameFAQS Marine Corps. attacked the Fort. Along with the terrorist Potato250. A great battle had ensued nearly crippling the Fort. Luckily, they were fought off and retreated. The Fort was rebuilt by Highwind and another attack happened. This attack was led by Potato250. He was fought off once again. Then, the Fort began to take off. It was the third coming. BackingMyCrack was now a full time member and Highwind07 watched over the Fort. The Fort then had gotten its first member. Legendmaster. Legendmaster proved to be very useful to the Fort. Upgrading it in several ways, putting a magical barrier around the Fort to protect it from any attacking defenders, and making several key advances in the arts of magic and science.

Our next member FiG_Bagder, then joined. He was greeted well by the others at first. He opened a Factory in the newly built "Factory Lane". He made smoothies to the people of Fort Lawl and he gave our first ever Captain of 9E, Neoconkers, a smoothie.It turns out that the smoothie was infected. It was then realized that thousands of smoothies have been produced that were infected and had been distributed around the Fort. Thousands more people called in sick, speaking of Diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, viruses, parasites, and in some cases, death. The management of Fort Lawl had to act quickly. The Blood Lust epidemic

The BL as they are normally called. These things were created in the Third coming of the Forts life. These were the product of the negligence of Fort Lawl management. They soon turned crazy and attacked the citizens of the Fort. It was then that 9E acted and waged war with the BL. Blood was spilled that ungrateful night. Fortunately, the BL were driven at out of the Fort. At a price. Fort Lawl had made its first enemy.

Continent of Random Insanity

Fort Lawl resides in the continent of Random Insanity. Other Forts include Fort Sub-Union, Fort Yaxel, and Fort Sakurabe. Random Insanity has a mixed climate. Cold mountains to the North, and wet and humid swamplands to the south. A great Forest sits in the middle of this, home to many weird creatures of Random Inasnity. Small tribes reside in the Forest. Very few highways go through making travel to and from other Forts very difficult. The Highways have since fallen in disrepair and are collapsing. To the East of the Fort lies many beaches. Perfect for a vacation spot. Palm trees line this side of the continent and small islands with villages dot the coast. Boats are almost common place around this area. To the West of Random Insanity are rolling plains of lush grass and hills. It is especially beautiful in the Spring time, when the flowers open up and the lush green turns into plentiful fields of blue, yellow and red. And any other colors the imagination can produce. To the North, lies intimidating mountains. At the base of these mountains are hills with a light colored grass. Some shrubs exist but not a lot. As you get higher, snow starts to fall lightly and the shadows of the mountains cast over you. There is said to be a Fort that lies within the mountains. To the south of Random Insanity, lies the swampland. Surprisingly, the swamp land is the most heavily populated thanks to Fort Lawl, where it resides. Fort Lawl is the most dominating Fort on RI. The swamp land composes of low hanging trees and vines and small ponds and rivers. Diseases sometimes break outin these areas. Although, they rarely harm the Fort, as Fort Lawl and its citizens have built up an immunity to it.

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