Name: Fortune Glyph (Lucky)

Occupation: Author Fighter/Glyph Artist

Age: 15

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Pink

Skin Color: Light Blue

Bio: The eldest and only child of the leader of the planet Glyphia, Fortune was is both shy and born with the gift of sensitivity which no one understands other than her mistress Maliya. Growing up, while putting up a barrier to keep her emotions in check, Maliya trained her with a magic silver pen called the Glyph pen. Overtime, she learned to control her powers and her emotions. When she turned 15, she was forced by her people into an arranged marriage with the eldest son of 5 children from their neighboring planet Snow Drift to gain an alliance against their enemy the Katannas who wielded samurai-like element swords which posed a threat to both planets. On her wedding day, Fortune took off her wedding dress in front of everyone to reveal her traditional robes underneath and said she couldn’t do this and ran out of the altar. She packed her things and left her planet and came down to Earth. Her powers come from her silver pen from Maliya which you draw a symbol and while whispering a small chant, a spell is activated from it. While on Earth, she made friends and enemies and was betrayed by many which shattered her emotions barrier and her emotions starting to become out of control once again. However, Fortune, or Lucky as her friends call her by, made new friends who supported her and accepted her for who she was instead of her appearance and her origins. Later, requested by Dimensiondude and TLSoulDude to join their team called the Author Fighters, she agrees and Darkmagicianmon makes her a member of their team. Not only to make more friends but to stop flamers and the evil Drake Ebon Darkstar with her new teammates. Right now, Fortune hasn’t found love ‘yet’ but some say she has a small crush on the telepath from Atlantis named Aqualad. Fortune Glyph hopes to stop flamers with her team and put the past she once had behind her while reconstructing her emotions barrier.

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