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Admiral Reynolds

What is Forum Wars?

  • This is a role playing game where the player can take anything sci-fi and throw it into a large battle with anyone. There are many factions here with different agendas. Some of them trying to conquer, some trying to protect, and some just wanting to be left alone. So now... Choose your side.


New Republic


  • S-T-N- Former President, assassiated
  • The Nameless Sith Lord- President
  • Lt. Commander Chris- Grand Admiral
  • Kratas- Supreme Commander
  • JediMasterJL- Commander of the Navy
  • Doyle- Admiral
  • Captain-General Mákan- Vice Admiral
  • Mandalore the Ultimate- Lt. Commander
  • Darth Xendor- Major
  • Others: NM2 the Starcraft Boy, Arthas Menethil, Quantum


United Colonies


  • The Box(Noret) - Leader of the UC
  • G4B3
  • Revan181
  • Thrawn_
  • AI Faction member- Scrin


Coalition of Free Planets


  • Admiral Reynolds - Leader of the Coalition
  • Filo
  • Power of Flower - Coalition 2nd in Command
  • Scolar Visari
  • AdmiralAckbar
  • Galatic_Commander
  • AI faction members:Cornerian Army - commanded by Flower Wyver Dragons


  • Hoth
  • Mustafar

New Covenant


Prophet of Games - Leader


Nightmare Armada


Renegade Nightmare



  1. If you are wanting to join you must go through the academy first. After you pass, you can post whose side you are going on or create your own seperate faction.
  2. Being a traitor is allowed if the other side will accept you.
  3. One post per side at a time, including allies. No multiple post from one side unless attacking an AI faction.
  4. No Invincibility.
  5. Magic has a limited use, and can only be used like the Force.
  6. Super weapons are limited to 1 weapon every 2 days.
  7. No over use of uber ships or weapons.
  8. One Character per person.
  9. Only one faction per person at a time.
  10. Rules Can Be amended on the Majority Vote
  11. No God Modding (Controlling Other Players and their actions without their permission)
  12. Limit to the number of Uber sized Ships per Faction.
  13. New comers start off with a single star system with a small navy.


Enter a heading for your name, then add your events and a brief discription of them

Darth Bane

  • Joins FW
  • Establishment of ASY
  • Battle of Titan IV
  • S-T-N Assassinated
  • Defense of Coruscant
  • Trial and Punishment
  • Buildup of forces
  • Time of Peace
  • Venom Space Battle

Darth Xendor

  • Bane's Death
  • Venom Space Battle II
  • Take over of Anderoin
  • Ambushed
  • Fired from ASY
  • ASY Pays up
  • Venom Ground Battle

Arthas Menethill

  • Joins FW
  • Joins Chaos
  • leaves FW for a bit
  • rejoins FW in the Republic
  • splits off from republic creates the Principality of Zeon
  • assassination attempt
  • creation of a New Empire
  • Capital Destroyed
  • New home
  • Search for power

Mandalore The Ultimate

  • Joins forum wars
  • Forms mandalorian crusaders
  • Colonizes ordo, dagary minor and suurja
  • Colonizes shogun and togoria
  • Forms shadow guard
  • Firefight at nexus system
  • Ordo Blockade
  • Joins republic and renames crusaders The Mandalorian Knights
  • Leads mandalorians in battle of coruscant and drives clones from planet with bane and M Doyle
  • Heads to rishi maze to find nameless only to be too late
  • Colonizes gargon and kuar
  • Investigates crystal on resh only to lose it to shadow guard
  • Rachni War begins
  • Battle of Kuar
  • Battle of Gargon
  • Battle of Rachnia

Admiral Daala

  • Enters FW
  • Fight with Replicators
  • Invasion of Titan IV
  • Finishes palpatines fist
  • Daala assasinated

Scolor Visari

  • Venom crisis
  • Gabriels journy to becoming a sith

The Nameless Sith Lord

  • Assignment on the Brace
  • Sith Training
  • Hunt for the Invader
  • The Emperor Returns
  • The Scrin Appear!!
  • Battle of Trandosha
  • Formulating a Plan
  • Into the Heart of the Enemy
  • Battle of the Black Hole
  • Captured in a different Galaxy
  • Era of Peace
  • The Mystery of the Sith Orb
  • Boredom
  • Alliance with the Brotherhood
  • The President, Murdered
  • Firefight on Coruscant
  • A New President
  • The Trouble with Droids
  • Traitors Found
  • Testing Xendor
  • Clone Wars All Over Again?

M Doyle

  • Joins FW
  • Sent to the academy
  • Re-joins forum wars
  • Forced into the academy
  • Completes academy
  • Re-re-joins Forum wars
  • Attacks on Alpha centuri
  • Rumbler completed
  • Mobius colonized
  • Ori troubles
  • Echo 13 inccident
  • Alpha abandoned
  • Nexus is destroyed
  • Builds forces
  • Introduces generals
  • Nemesis Completed
  • Biulds large C&C based forces
  • RN Inccident
  • Losses Carrier
  • Chris re-claims it
  • Dropps lasers for bullets
  • Stockpiles nukes
  • Soviet-mobian wars
  • Big time gap in which i was away
  • GC planet destroyed, scavangers sent in
  • Big time gap in which i was away
  • Krant
  • Roach leaves repub
  • Reveals Magical realms
  • Mando joins
  • Scavages Nexen system
  • Colonizes it
  • Large defence increase
  • Begins training Chris
  • Sets up the Galactic Federal exchange
  • Scrin attack
  • Seige of Coruscant
  • Large defence increase
  • Roach dies

Lt. Commander Chris

  • Joins FW and the Republic
  • Joins Republic navy
  • Assists in various minor incidents
  • Builds up technology to a decent base level, refits Britannia, the firebird given to him *by the late s-t-n
  • Captured by the wraith Michael, experimented upon, augmented brain capacity and usage
  • Engages and pursues invading Makuta
  • Brings entire fleet to centre of the galaxy and holds off Makuta main invasion force for hours at great cost until the main Republic fleets under GA Roach and s-t-n arrive
  • Repairs fleets and Britannia
  • Establishes Black Projects
  • Construction begins on Canterbury
  • Re-captures the Rumbler from traitors
  • Joins the Jedi Order and starts training under Master Drallig, builds his lightsabre from a nextor, a pontite and solari and is taught swordsmanship under Roach and Katarn
  • Gains control of the Jackal HW
  • Roach leaves the Republic, promoted to Grand Admiral
  • Gains control of Drone Planets
  • Black Projects expanded significantly, vast expenditure
  • Death of Roach, acquires Sluis sector, and magical Ardan sword
  • Further swords training under Conan (lol)
  • Learns basic magic and more advanced transformation and summoning from Doyle and Galactic Commander
  • Protects Ordo from UC
  • Drives Replicators from Alderaan's graveyard
  • Commands Republic navy in the latest Battle of Coruscant as spectrum attack, victorious.
  • Investigates crystal on Resh
  • Jedi Trials

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