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Here's my descission to make Thomas US DVD ideas with Ringo Starr US narrations.

Spooks & Surprises


  1. Thomas Gets Tricked (Starr)
  2. Percy's Ghostly Trick (Starr)
  3. Thomas, Percy & The Dragon (Carlin)
  4. Steam Roller (Carlin)
  5. Horrid Lorry (Brandon)
  6. Duncan Gets Spooked (Brandon)
  7. No Sleep For Cranky (Brandon)
  8. Gordon Takes A Tumble (Brandon)
  9. Bad Day At Castle Loch (Brandon)


  1. Boo Boo Choo Choo


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr, George Carlin and Michael Brandon.
  • First time, Ringo Starr's narration of Percy's Ghostly Trick is released on DVD.
  • First time Michael Brandon re-narrates Season 5-6.

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