• Cast
  • Frankie as Belle(Frankie's voice fits Belle)
  • Eduardo as The Beast
  • Mac as Prince Adam
  • Chase Young(from Xiaolin Showdown) as Gaston
  • Jack Spicer(from Xiaolin Showdown) as LeFou
  • Joker(from Teen Titans) as Monsiuer D' Arque
  • Wilt as Lumiere
  • CoCo as Feather Duster
  • Madame Foster as Mrs.Potts
  • Mr.Herriman as Maurice
  • Bloo as Cogsworth
  • Cheese as Chip
  • Teen Titans Villians(from Teen Titans) as Wolves
    • Chapters:
    1. Opening credits
    2. Frankie meets Chase Young and Jack Spicer
    3. Mr.Herriman's invention
    4. Mr.Herriman goes to the fair and gets lost/The Teen Titans Villians
    5. Mr.Herriman goes to the castle
    6. Chase Young's proposal/Frankie(reprise)
    7. Frankie arrives at the castle
    8. Frankie's new home
    9. Chase Young(Gaston)
    10. Frankie meets Cheese and CoCo
    11. Frankie being so difficult
    12. Frankie leaves her room and meets Wilt and Bloo
    13. Be Our Guest
    14. Tour of The Castle/The West Wing/The Teen Titans Villians attack again
    15. Chase Young and Jack Spicer meet Joker
    16. Something special for Frankie/Something there
    17. Human Again
    18. Beauty and The Monster
    19. Eduardo lets Frankie go/Chase Young's plan
    20. The Mob Song/The Villians vs Wilt,Bloo,& CoCo
    21. Battle on The Tower/Transformation
    22. End credits

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