Crime After Crime

Mr. Herriman is disciplining Bloo and says not to cause any more trouble tonight. In the Foster’s kitchen, Frankie notices that all the carrots she bought are missing from the refrigerator, so she can’t make dinner without carrots. Mr. Herriman starts to panic and blames Coco for stealing the carrots; he tells her to go to her room without any supper. Madame Foster tells Frankie that there’s just enough food here to make "it." Bloo doesn’t want to eat that disgusting dish and plans to get into trouble, so he’ll be sent to his room without supper like Coco.
Still in a panic, Mr. Herriman hops throughout the house, looking for all the carrots he’s hidden. Whenever a friend gets near a hiding place for his carrots, he makes up some fake rule they broke and sends them to bed without supper, so he can retrieve his carrots privately. He wants to give up eating carrots cold turkey and plans on returning them all. Bloo tries to get in trouble many times but is unsuccessful. Wilt overhears a fake rule Mr. Herriman said and realizes he?s broken a rule, too, but has to punish himself, as Mr. Herriman is too busy tracking down all his carrots. Wilt tells Eduardo to stay away from Mr. Herriman, because he’s punishing everyone in site. Eduardo says that’s a good idea, so he must find Mr. Herriman to avoid him.
Well, Eduardo found Mr. Herriman and Bloo near the hiding place for the carrots, but is caught and punished--while Bloo is still not. Eduardo tells Coco that Mr. Herriman stashed all his carrots in Madame Foster’s fireplace, because he was complaining that Mr. Herriman punished him instead of Bloo. When Mr. Herriman finds out that the carrots are gone, he calls the police to report stolen carrots, at least 100 of them, but they think he means that jewelry has been stolen.
Bloo, still trying to get in trouble, actually does steal Madame Foster’s jewelry, but puts them in Mac’s backpack. Meanwhile, Frankie has unsuccessfully been trying to make "it." She hasn’t been able to please Madame Foster, because the ceiling keeps break in the kitchen, dropping shards of it into the bowl of food. After she gets hit with the wooden spoon Madame Foster used to discipline her too many times, she runs upstairs to find Mac jumping on Madame Foster’s bed. She then Frankie sends Mac home with Madame Foster’s jewels still inside his backpack just as the police show up.
Coco left a note for Mr. Herriman saying to meet her on the roof if he wants his carrots back. When he gets there, she demands that he sign an apology for falsely accusing her of stealing the carrots. He pretends to be willing to sign it when Mac throws his backpack on the roof, and it lands in Mr. Herriman’s hands just as the police helicopter shines its spot light on him.
Eduardo is still mad that Bloo didn’t get punished after all the trouble he caused, and when he finds out that Bloo doesn’t even want to eat dinner, Eduardo forces him to the dining room to eat "it." At the same time, Mr. Herriman is brought to jail, and Wilt joins him, as he’s still trying to punish himself. The dish that’s on the menu for tonight’s prison meal is none other than carrots.

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