Four Colour Collective

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The Four Colour Collective is all about designing three seperate fictional Universes - titled Past, Modern Day, and Future, rather creatively - and allowing Users to submit and populate each of them with their own characters, ideas, events, histories, organisations - anything and everything that is ineed to create a fully fleshed out fictional Universe.

The name Four Colour Collective comes from the initial focus of the information towards creating comic book Universes, but now these articles can be applied to any and all creative mediums.

So What Is The Point?

The point is whatever you make it. All articles should be considered as 'guides' more than cannon. Of course, we all have our own ideas about how things are meant to work and where we'd like to take them. So be forewarned that someone might take your ideas for an established character and reject them entirely. Of course, nothing again stops you from simply making your own unique character based on those ideas, rather than simply adding them to the existing ones.

The end-goal of the Four Colour Collective is to create an immersive and exciting collection of fictional Universes from which anyone can do anything with. Write a story, do an animation, shoot a film - whatever medium you choose to work in, the Four Colour Collective is here to provide you with the literary basis from which to do it. All that we ask in return is that you contribute your interpretations on the pieces you have chosen to represent, thus adding to the article and continuing the evolution of it. Feel free to add some linkage to the project as well - a little promotion on both sides doesn't hurt!

Who Started This?

Why, the venerable and usually tired Dasleah of course! He was the one who first penned the broad ideas and theories that would one day become the Four Colour Collective. Dasleah prefers his status to be noted as 'Benevolent Overseer', a far cry from his actual title of 'Tyranic Lord Of Fiction'.

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