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Four Player Podcast is a weekly podcast and a daily live broadcast about video games; based out of Austin, Texas. The four members of the podcast are Brad, David, Nick and Travis. In addition, special guests from the sister site, Japancast, and friends of the players participate. Travis and Matt are currently attending college.







The Fourplayer Podcast report in three main types of mediums; A live broadcast, a podcast, and blog postings. These mediums each have their own unique formats.

Live Broadcast

The live broadcast is a streaming web feed and chat that features the team playing video games. Juandays features Japancast member Juan playing through various games on Tuesdays and Thursdays; of which the most popular is the Resident Evil series. This is prefaced by broadcasts at Japancast. Wayback Wednesday, although not always on Wednesday, features classic video games played by Travis. The games played during this segment can range from first generation home consoles to fifth. Community Night (also known as Online Night) is a segment where one of the members, usually Brad or David, plays with the community online; which takes place on Friday or Saturday night. The games played can be competitive, such as Metal Gear Online, or they can be cooperative, such as TMNT 1989. Players do rotations to make sure many community members get to play.


There are currently three different types of podcasts produced: the Fourplayer Podcast, the Fourplayer Podcast Top Five Podcast, and the Dinnertime Podcast. These podcast can be subscribed to via RSS or iTunes.

Fourplayer Podcast

The Fourplayer Podcast is the main podcast featuring the four players discussing various topics related to video games. The podcast's hosting duties are shared among each member. The players will first introduce themselves and then share their thoughts and impressions on what they have been playing the past week. The podcast then covers the news, typically compiled by Nick, from the past week. Following the news is the Roundtable Discussion, which is a focused discussion on a topic. The topic can be selected by the players or by community via the suggestion thread. Then the Community Segment covers what games will be on the live broadcast this week and answers viewer submitted questions from the weekly question thread. The podcast wraps up with the Fourplayer Minute. Although usually not only a minute long, each player states: a shameful secret, a secret they are ashamed of, sweaty palms, something they are worried about, and hype, something they are excited about. The typical length of this podcast is around two hours long. It can be seen recorded live on the broadcast, typically on Sunday. An archive of the podcast is made available two to three days later.

Fourplayer Podcast Top Five Podcast

In addition to the main podcast there is the Fourplayer Podcast Top Five Podcast. During this podcast the players give their Top Five list for a certain topic. This topic may be chosen by the players or taken from the suggestion thread. The topics can be anything related to video games. At the start of the podcast the players will say honorable mentions, which are selections that fell short of being in the top five. Then each player will say their number five, working around the table, and then repeating this formula for the rest of the numbers. The typical length of this podcast is around thirty-five minutes long. It can be seen recorded live on the broadcast, typically taking place on Sunday. An archive of the podcast is made available two to three days later.

Dinnertime Podcast

The Dinnertime Podcast is the newest podcast from the Fourplayer Podcast. The first episode featured Brad and David eating out, at dinnertime, while discussing video games and various topics. At this time there is no established schedule of release.


The blog is postings pertaining to thoughts, news on video games, and status updates for the community. Weekly Themes began on the week of August 10th, with "Time Week". The theme is posted at the start of the week, listing the theme and games to be played fitting to those themes. The second themed week is Coop week, which takes place the week of August 24th. The Laundry List is an infrequent posting of games that have not been completed. Each player complies a list of games they are currently trying to finish. This list includes the game title and a percentage of how much they have finished for each game.

Lists and Schedules

See also: List of Past Played Games and List of Games Completed

The Fourplayer Podcast's broadcast schedule is used for any future events. Any scheduled games can be seen in the episodes section. Any of the unscheduled games can be seen in the archives.

External Links

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