Fourth cult classics dvd idea is a fan-ficktion thing for making

Your favourite classic time

You can enjoy the classics like Dr snuggles, Chorlton and the wheelies, The herbs and Paddington bear from the 70's, Postman pat, Dangermouse, Superted and Count duckula from the 80's, Everyone's favourite programme called TUGS from the late 80's, Broomstick Cottage from 1989, What-a-Mess from 1990, Christopher Crocodile from the early 90's, Fireman sam, The further adventures of superted, The Adventures of Captain Pugwash and William's Wish Wellingtons from the 90's and Doctor Otter from the early 2000's

Classic episodes are:

  • Doctor Snuggles-The Fabulous Mechanical Mathilda Junkbottom in 1979
  • Chorlton and the wheelies-Chorlton says it with Flowers in 1976
  • The herbs-Sage's Nest Blows Down in 1968
  • Paddington bear-Mr Curry Takes a Bath in 1975
  • Postman pat-Postman pat and the robot in 1996
  • Dangermouse-Gremlin Alert in 1987
  • Dangermouse-Rhyme And Punishment in 1992
  • Superted-SuperTed and the Incas Treasure in 1982-Superted and the incas treasure was the first superted episode on S4C in 1982 and BBC in 1983.
  • Superted-Texas is Mine in 1983
  • Count duckula-Prince Duckula in 1993
  • TUGS-Ghosts in 1988
  • Broomstick cottage-Sponge Sorts It Out in 1989
  • What-a-Mess-Prince What-A-Mess in 1990
  • Christopher crocodile-Chairlift in 1993
  • Fireman sam-The kite in 1987 taken from NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 1 in 1990
  • The further adventures of superted-Ben-Fur in 1989
  • The adventures of captain pugwash-The Melodious Mermaid in 1998
  • William's Wish Wellingtons-William and the Friendly Ghost in 1994
  • Doctor Otter-Melvyn's Birthday in 2001

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