The Cast

1. Fox Mccloud / Aladdin

2. Spyro / As himself

3. Krystal / Princess Jasmine

4. Cynder / As herself

5. The Genie / As himself

6. Pikachu / Abu

7. Prince Tricky / As himself

8. Wolf O' Donnell / Jafar

9. Malefor / As himself

10. Meowth / Iago

11. General Scales / Rasoul

12. Panther Caroso / Prince Achmed

13. Toothless / The Magic Carpet

14. Peppy Hare / The Sultan

15. Leon Powanski / The Peddler

The Facts

1. The only Aladdin character being himself was the Genie, who still remains as the perfect role.

2. It will be a double romance story since Spyro and Cynder are in it. Spyro was Fox's childhood friend/brother when they grew up living in the streets together. Cynder lives with Krystal in the palace when she was adopted when she and Krystal were both babies. Like Fox and Krystal, Spyro and Cynder also fall in love with each other.

2. Since Spyro and Cynder are in the story, their villian, Malefor, will also star in this tale as Wolf's evil partner.

3. The final battle scene will be extended since Spyro and Malefor will also be fighting each other. Also, instead of turning into a snake like the original version, Wolf will transform into a RedEye, which is a verocious and deadly tyrannosaur of the planet.

4. The setting takes place in Thorntail Hollow on the planet Cosauria, where it was thrived with anthropomorphic animals (people), Pokemon, dragons, and intelligent. talking dinosaur natives.

5. Fox and Spyro will have two companions instead of one in the story, Pikachu will play the role of Abu as Tricky will star as a special guest appearance.

6. The original idea for the role of the Magic Carpet was the legendary Pokemon, Latios. But Toohtless from "How To Train Your Dragon" will be taking his place for the role.

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