Fox Animated Racing is a Fox Animated crossover game.


There are 2 characters you must choose, a driver, who drives a custom kart, and a co-driver, who uses all weapons and has 2 Toon Powers. There are tournaments which players must race a series of races and win with the most points. Battle modes in arenas let two teams battle in different modes and Cartoon Eliminators are endurance races where last kart in each lap is eliminated. The carts have three stats: acceleration, speed and handling if chosen as driver. If co-driver, they have two Toon Powers that fall into four categories: Shield, Attack, Boost and Flight.


The Simpsons

  • Homer
  • Marge
  • Lisa
  • Bart
  • Maggie
  • Ned Flanders
  • Maude Flanders
  • Moe (unlockable)
  • Reverend Lovejoy (unlockable)
  • Helen Lovejoy (unlockable)
  • Principal Skinner
  • Edna Krapabbel
  • Mr. Burns
  • Professor Frink (unlockable)
  • Smithers (unlocklable)
  • Major Quimbly (unlcokable)
  • Krusty The Clown

Family Guy

  • Peter Griffin
  • Lois Griffin
  • Meg Griffin
  • Chris Griffin (Unlockable)
  • Stewie Griffin (Unlockable)
  • Brian Griffin
  • Joe Swanson (Unlockable)
  • Glen Quagmire


  • Fry
  • Bender
  • Leela
  • Professor Farnsworth
  • Dr. Zoidberg (unlockable)
  • Hermes
  • Amy
  • Zapp
  • Kif
  • Nibbler (unlockable)
  • Scruffy
  • Smitty (unlockable)
  • URL (unlockable)
  • Leo and Inez (together)
  • Robot Mafia (unlockable)
  • Elzar (unlockable)
  • Calculon (unlockable)
  • Monique (unlockable)
  • LaBarbara
  • Cubert
  • Dwight
  • Mom
  • Walt, Larry & Igner (together)
  • The Robot Mafia
  • Hattie
  • Sal
  • Robot Devil (unlockable)
  • Wernstrom (unlockable)
  • Richard Nixon's head (with the headless clone of Agnew)
  • Mayor Poopenmeyer

King of the Hill

  • Hank Hill
  • Peggy Hill
  • Bobby Hill
  • Peggy Hill
  • Dale (unlcokable)
  • Boomhauer (unlockable)

American Dad

  • Stan Smith
  • Francine Smith
  • Roger Smith
  • Klaus (unlockable)
  • Steve Smith
  • Hayley Smith


There are a total of 18 tracks, 12 of them being custom-made tracks like the wild west. The other 6 tracks are cartoon-themed tracks themed in their respective cartoons. Each of the cartoon-themed tracks are based together on a single map with each track taking a different route on the map. Show-Themed Tracks.

  • The Simpsons: Simpsons' House, Flanders' House, Spirngfield Hospital, Shelybivlle Hospital, Neucular Power Plant, Springfield Elementary School, Moe's Tavern.
  • Futurama: New New York, Planet Express Headquarters, DOOP Headquarters (old one freshly repaired), MomCo, Conrad House, Wongs' Ranch.
  • King of the Hill: Hills' House.
  • Family Guy: Girffin's House, Quahog
  • American Dad: Langley Falls

Custom Tracks

  • Springfield
  • Shelbyville
  • New New York
  • Texas
  • Quahog
  • Langley Falls


There is a gallery that has two cartoons for each show. The first cartoon can be unlocked by completing each cartoon-themed tournament while the other can be unlocked by winning the super tournament with the driver of the show you want to unlock.

Show Unlocked in 1st Tournament Unlocked in Super Tournamant
Family Guy I Never Met A Dead Man Brian In Love
American Dad Haylias Franny 911
The Simpsons Bart the Daredevil Marge in Chains
Futurama Put Your Head on My Shoulder 300 Big Boys
King of the Hill Hilloween Good Hill Hunting

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