When Nick Green is locked up there is trouble when Ashleigh Coghan and Chloe Fox make a attack with the Hele crew on the Rivers as always and this time with pure ease the Rivers stop there plan from working. After what takes place strange things start to happen and somebody wants Nicks group and Scotts Group dead. When Scott catches Chloe up to no good she makes a attack which is stopped by Scott. Soon they find Ashleigh has planned this and wants to get rid of Scott and Chloe. Having no choice they quickly escape from the Hele crew and then work together to put a stop to Ashleigh and her plan.

Soon they find out that somebody is planning a bigger gang attack which is going to take place down Plymouth being a big threat to the Plymouth Rivers. Scott also find Chloe wasn't sure about getting married and doesn't know to do and go back to live with her partner. Scott and Chloe then hit the warehouse which is being used for the attack there objective is to blow the place up stopping the attack which is taken place once Nick gets let out.

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