• Gobo Fraggle as Kermit the Frog
  • Rock Clinger as Whatnot Monster
  • Baby Poison Cackler as Miss Kitty


(Main stage. Gobo enters to applause.)

Gobo Fraggle: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hi-ho, good friends. Hey, we got a great show for you tonight. Our special guest is Mr. Phil Fraggle, singer, composer, actor and all-around good guy, and we're not gonna do any jokes about his size. But, he's such a cute little fella, we're gonna make him an honorary Fraggle. (nods) But right now, let's get things started with a musical number done up in a brand-new way, "All of Me".

(The curtain opens on a Rock Clinger singing to Baby Poison Cackler, taking himself apart and putting each part in a box.)

Rock Clinger: All of me.
Why not take all of me?
Can't you see?
I'm no good without you.
Take my lips.
I want to lose them.
Take my arms.
I'll never use them.
Your goodbye …
Left me with eyes that cry — here, take them, too.
How can I …
Go on, dear, without you?
You took the part
That once was my heart,
So why not take all of me?

(He continues to dismantle himself.)

Rock Clinger: Hey! You want my hair? Well, hair it is! … Hey, you need a nose? Guaranteed not to run. … Friends, Romans and countrymen … (lends his ears) … here. … You want to put my chest in your chest? … Here — here, let me give you a hand!

(Big finish.)

Rock Clinger: You took the part
That once was my heart,
So, why not take, why not take,
Why not take all of me?

(He throws his hand into the chest — that's all of him. Baby Poison Cackler closes the chest and laughs.)

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