• Boober Fraggle as Basil
  • Wembley Fraggle as Elmo
  • Gillis Fraggle as Tailor
  • Cantus the Minstrel as Trumpeter
  • Philo and Gunge as Two-Headed Monster
  • Merggles as Honkers
  • Doozers as Anything Muppets
  • Purple Sproingers as Sheep
  • Venerable Sage Hambo and Venerable Sage Lambo as Chip and Dip
  • Poison Cacklers as AM Monsters
  • Baby Poison Cackler as The Wolf
  • Papa Tree Creature, Mama Tree Creature and Baby Tree Creature as Birds
  • Sprocket as Dog
  • Skenfrith as Bear
  • Inkspots as Pigs
  • Blustering Bellowpane Monster as Fred the Wonder Horse
  • Beastie as Cow
  • Lanford as Turtle


Wembley Fraggle: Wait, wait. Yoo-hoo. Pardon me. Yoo-hoo. Yoo-hoo. Excuse me. Will everybody be quiet? King Wembley hears a noise.

Storyteller Fraggle: Well, thank goodness, it's only a little Fraggle.

Wembley Fraggle: Oh, Fraggle not very scary. Hey, hey, hey. Fraggle even look brave.

Boober Fraggle: Wait. But excuse me, but where are we and who are you?

Wembley Fraggle: Ahem. We are the creatures of the forest.

Gillis Fraggle: Yeah, and are we ever glad to see you.

Boober Fraggle: You are?

Rumple Fraggle: Strange things have been happening.

Storyteller Fraggle: Yes, someone keeps playing tricks on us.

Boober Fraggle: Tricks? What kind of tricks?

Storyteller Fraggle: Hey, Wembley. You just tell him what happened.

Wembley Fraggle: Okay. Ahem.
Oh, Wembley's my name and Wembley the King
and the kingdom should be a magnificent thing
Wembley has splendid gown and a mace
I'll fill it with elegance, style and grace
But also today, Wembley wearing a frown
as King Wembley slept,
Last night someone crept
into Wembley's chambers and sat on the crown.

Everyone: As King Wembley left, last night someone crept, into Wembley's chambers and sat on the crown.

Gillis Fraggle: Good day.
I'm the tailor
and I make the clothes.
And not long ago,
I've got some trousers arose.
Oh, I've been making trousers
for all the townsfolk.
When somebody sew up the legs for a joke.
But it isn't funny.
It makes me see red.
For to my dismay,
they just fit one way.
And how would you like to wear pants on your head?

Everyone: For to his dismay, they just fit one way, and how would you like to wear pants on your head?

Cantus the Minstrel: Oh, I'm Cantus the Minstrel.
Music's my thing.
I'll blow this and people make way for the king.
It's a very good job if you're musically fit being King Wembley's accompaniment.
But now what I do makes me sad and forlorn because just yesterday when I was away.
Somebody did something bad to my pipe.

Everyone: Because just yesterday when he was away, somebody did something bad to his pipe.

Wembley Fraggle: Oh, there used to be laughter and happiness here.
But now it's the kingdom, our specialties' fears.
It's just that we never know what to expect.

Venerable Sage Hambo and Venerable Sage Hambo: If you call us scaredy Fraggles, you'll be correct.

Wembley Fraggle: If you think we like this, you're as wrong as can be,
Things very tough,
And if that's not enough,
This morning, this paper was pinned to that tree.

Everyone: Things very tough, and if that's not enough, this morning, this paper was pinned to that tree.

Storyteller Fraggle: Some helpful tips for planning your move.

Gillis Fraggle: And on top of all this, our bravest knight, Sir Blunderbrain, is nowhere to be found.

Boober Fraggle: But that isn't very nice of someone to play tricks on you. What are you going to do?

Wembley Fraggle: Well, Marjory the Trash Heap can you answer you any question. Marjory can tell us who's playing tricks. Oh, someone has to go to the Trash Heap.

Boober Fraggle: But who?

Wembley Fraggle: Oh yeah. That's right.

(everyone laughing)

Boober Fraggle: Oh, now just a minute. I'm just a good-hearted little Fraggle, not a brave-hearted little Fraggle. Sorry.

Wembley Fraggle: Oh, no. Here we go again.

Gillis Fraggle: Hey. I know. I can give you a disguise. Yes. I can disguise you as a wandering minstrel, a musician. Yeah, here. There. Now that will keep you safe.

Boober Fraggle: But why would that keep me safe?

Gillis Fraggle: Well, the only other outfit I have is for a rat catcher.

Boober Fraggle: Oh, well, I sure don't wanna be a rat catcher.

Wembley Fraggle: Oh, well, good luck then.

Everyone: Goodbye, good luck, goodbye. Goodbye.

Wembley Fraggle: Good luck finding the Trash Heap.

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