• Phil Fraggle as Blue Whatnot Tourist
  • The Cave's Oldest Fraggle as Blue Whatnot Maiden


Phil Fraggle: Ah, Turkey. Land of my dreams. All the Turkish delights … the Turkish women, the coffee, the towels. In every way my heart belongs to Turkey. But lo, what lovely Eastern maiden approacheth?

The Cave's Oldest Fraggle: (whispers in his ear) Pachalafaka. (runs away giggling)

(He sings a song about the word, wondering what it means, as the cave's oldest Fraggle dances near him. At the end, she reveals a mustache under the burqa. Phil Fraggle runs away screaming.)

Phil Fraggle: Pachalafaka Pachalafaka
They whisper it all over Turkey
Pachalafaka Pachalafaka
It sounds so romantic and perky
Oh, I know that phrase
Will make me thrill always
For it reminds me of you, my sweet
Just the mention of
That tender word of love
Gives my heart a jerkish Turkish beat
I won't say "c'est bon"
Or "I'amour toujours"
For they can't express what I'm feeling
Even "mairzy doats"
Or other foreign quotes
Don't seem to be quite so appealing
But pachalafaka Pachalafaka
Takes me back with you to passionate desert scenes
And it's where we'll stay
Till the very day
We find out what "pachalafaka" means
We find out what "pachalafaka" means

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