• Cantus the Minstrel as Zoot
  • Gillis Fraggle as Nigel the Conductor
  • Gettas Fraggle as Mahna Mahna


Gillis Fraggle: OK, Cantus, It's time for your solo, have you looked over the music?

Cantus the Minstrel: Yeah, You expect me to play this, man?

Gillis Fraggle: What else would you do with it?

Cantus the Minstrel: If I had a match I could put it out of its misery.

Gillis Fraggle: Don't joke me, Cantus, This is a great little number.

Cantus the Minstrel: Yeah, What if I refuse to play it?

Gillis Fraggle: What if I get a new pipe player?

Cantus the Minstrel: What if you and I just get right down to it and do this little beauty?

Gillis Fraggle: Good thought.

Cantus the Minstrel: Yeah. Forgive me, Charlie Parker, wherever you are.

(Cantus the Minstrel begins playing "Sax and Violence", and is soon joined by Gettas Fraggle playing percussion on a bell, soon he begins hitting Cantus' Pipe and punching him in the face, Cantus plays into his Pipe one last time, blowing him up.)

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