• Gobo Fraggle as Kermit the Frog
  • Lou Fraggle as Connie Stevens
  • Inkspots as The Mutations
  • Philo and Gunge as Statler and Waldorf


Gobo Fraggle: This is Gobo Fraggle, your favorite jock, with all the top tunes of today spinning merrily out your way stacks and stacks of wax and wax, and this is a golden oldie, a blast from the past, The fabulous Lou Fraggle and the Inkspots with a platter that mattered way back in 1956, Let's lock on "Teenager In Love," Lou, you're on!

Lou Fraggle: Each time we have a quarrel
It almost breaks my heart
'Cause I'm so afraid
That we will have to part

Each night I ask the stars up above
Why must I be a teenager in love

I cried a tear for nobody but you
I'll be a lonely one
If you should say we're through
Well if you want to make me cry
That won't be so hard to do
If you should say goodbye
I'd still go on loving you

Each night I ask the stars up above
Why must I be a teenager in love
Why must I be a teenager in love

Philo: Ah, how poignant, I remember being a teenager in love.

Gunge: Yeah, but Queen Victoria wouldn't have you!

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