• Gobo Fraggle as Kermit the Frog
  • Red Fraggle as Miss Piggy
  • Doozer Trio as Pigs
  • The Fraggle Choir as Frogs
  • Fragglettes as Chickens


(Gobo Fraggle corrals a group of Doozers, Fragglettes and Fraggles)

Gobo Fraggle: OK, uh, Fraggle Glee Club, Fraggle Glee Club onstage, please. Fraggle Glee Club. OK. All right, Everybody in position, please. OK. Everybody ready? The Fraggle Glee Club. One and two and …

(He starts conducting. Nothing happens.)

Gobo Fraggle: Uh, uh … wait, wait, wait. Something is amiss here.

Pink Fraggle Choir member: I thought it was lovely.

Orange Fragglette: You wave that stick wonderfully.

Doozer Trio member: Yeah, when it comes to stick waving, Gobo wrote the book.

Gobo Fraggle: Uh, well, thank you, thank you. I do appreciate that kind comment, but uh, I would like to point out to all assembled here that this is a glee club.

Orange Fragglette: Oh, yes, that is what our letterhead says.

Gobo Fraggle: Yeah. So when I wave this stick so wonderfully, I would like to hear something.

Fraggle Glee Club: (murmuring)

Gray Fraggle Choir member: We were remiss in that regard.

Gobo Fraggle: OK. Here we go. One more time. The Fraggle Glee Club. One and two and —

(They all sing different songs at once.)

Gobo Fraggle: Wait, wait, wait, Hold, hold, hold! Hold it, Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Stop. How shall I say this? Uh, excuse me, friends, but uh, to my ears at least, it would help a lot if you were all singing THE SAME SONG!

Fraggle Glee Club: (murmuring) Oh, I love it!

Orange Fragglette: It's so wild!

Doozer Trio member: The Fraggle is a genius.

Red Fraggle: He's awful cute too.

Gobo Fraggle: It really doesn't matter what song you sing, as long as we all agree to the song that we're going to sing.

Fraggle Glee Club: (murmuring) OK.

Gobo Fraggle: OK? Now, does anybody here have a favorite song?

Fraggle Glee Club: (in unison) Yes!

Gobo Fraggle: Uh, uh, w-what song is that?

Fraggle Glee Club: (in unison) "Temptation"!

Gobo Fraggle: Since there seems to be some consensus of opinion here, the Fraggle Glee Club will now render "Temptation." Red, honey?

Red Fraggle: Hm?

Gobo Fraggle: You can take the solo.

Red Fraggle: Yes, my love.

Gobo Fraggle: OK. Here we go.

Red Fraggle: (aside) I love him.

Gobo Fraggle: The Fraggle Glee Club, "Temptation." One and two and —

(The Glee Club begins an a cappella rendition of "Temptation." Gobo lets Red take the solo in her first featured performance, and when her cue comes, she marches down the risers and throws herself at Gobo while he conducts, ultimately pinning him to the ground before chasing him offstage.)

Red Fraggle: You came, I was alone
I should have known you were temptation
You smiled, luring me on
My heart was gone, you were temptation

Everyone: It would be thrilling
If you were willing
And, if it can never be, pity me

Red Fraggle: For you were born to be kissed I can't resist
You are temptation and I am yours
Here is my heart take it and say that we'll never part
I'm just a slave, only a slave
To you, temptation

And I am yours
Here is my heart take it and say that we'll never part
I'm just a slave, only a slave
To you, temptation
I'm your slave

Everyone: Temptation!


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