• Sprocket as Rowlf the Dog


(Sprocket sits at the piano and plays.)

Sprocket: At this time I would like to present my rendition … of one of the great songs of our time. That ever-popular classic, "You and I and George." "But why," you ask, as well you should, "have I never heard this great song of our times?" … The fact is, nobody has ever heard of this ever-popular classic. In its only recording, "You and I and George" sold two copies. I bought one and George bought one. … Where were you?

(He plays an opening vamp.)

Sprocket: (spoken) My own mother turns down her hearing aid when I sing this song.
(singing) You and I and George
Were strolling … through the park one day.
'And then … you held my hand.
As if to say …
"I looooooove yooooou."
Then … we passed a brook.
And George … fell in and drowned himself …
And floated … out to sea…
Leaving you … aloooone with meeeee!


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