Francis Lewis Boulevard is one of the longest north-south streets in Queens. It begins at the Cross Island Parkway Exit 35 in Whitestone and ends at Hook Creek Boulevard in Rosedale, New York. The roadway is named for Francis Lewis, a Queens resident who was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. Before being renamed in the 1930s, the roadway (or at least the stretch between Springfield Boulevard and Whitestone) used to be called Cross Island Boulevard.[1] The street was likely renamed after Francis Lewis to avoid confusion with the Cross Island Parkway.

Route description

Francis Lewis Boulevard begins at the offramp from the Cross Island Parkway's Exit 35. It quickly intersects with 150th Street in Whitestone. It quicly turns southwards and intersects with Willets Point Boulevard and 20th Avenue near Clintonville Street. The next large intersection is with 26th Avenue. The Utopia Parkway crosses with 30th Avenue. 33rd Avenue becomes concurrent with Francis Lewis Boulevard. It leaves just after the intersection with 191st Street. The next large intersection is with Crocheron Avenue and 35th Avenue. At this point, the road is known as Captain James J. Corrigan Way. Northern Boulevard crosses later. After spending a lot of time passing local roads, Francis Lewis Boulevard crosses the frontage road for the Long Island Expressway.

After crossing the overpass of the LIE, the second frontage road for the highway crosses. Now memorialized as Brother Ralph Clifford Way, Francis Lewis Boulevard continues southward towards Bayside. 73rd Avenue crosses later and then paralells some baseball fields. The Union Turnpike crosses and soon interchanges with the Grand Central Parkway. Francis Lewis Boulevard soon crosses McLaughlin Avenue. Hillside Avenue, also known as New York Route 25, intersects in Hollis. Jamaica Avenue intersects just before the railroad tracks. Linden Boulevard crosses just south of a football field. Springfield Boulevard crosses and soon turns right on a detour around Old Montefiore Cemetery. Francis Lewis Boulevard turns southwards again after leaving 121st Avenue. After an intersection with Merrick Boulevard, Francis Lewis Boulevard becomes a local street and turns right at 230th Place. Francis Lewis Boulevard becomes a major road again at an intersection with the Belt Parkway.

South Conduit Avenue, also known as New York Route 27 crosses in Rosedale, just south of the Belt Parkway. After passing some local roads, Francis Lewis Boulevard comes to an end at Hook Creek Boulevard in Rosedale.


Major junctions


Two major Catholic High schools in New York City, St. Francis Preparatory School and Holy Cross High School are both located on Francis Lewis Boulevard.

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  1. Never to Be Forgotten, Newsday. Accessed July 24, 2007. "Francis Lewis Boulevard, originally Cross Island Boulevard, was renamed in the 1930s."

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