Franco-Russian War (1521-1527)
Date Winter 1521 CE - Winter 1527 CE
Place Russia
Result Russian victory
Kingdom of France

c. 300,000

c. 700,000 at peak

c. 200,000 c. 500,000
Franco-Russian War (1521-1527)
Samogitia - 1st Tannenburg - Minsk - Moscow - Torzhok - Novrogod - Kursk - 2nd Tannenburg - Alborg Bight

The Franco-Russian War was a major turning point in the wars of the Middle Ages. The Kingdom of France, which had quickly risen to become a superpower, was decimated in an invasion of Russia, along with their allies. This paved the way for major rebbellions across the empire, along with Russian and English invasions.


After 1080, the French kingdom quickly rose, aided by the Papancy, and secured mainland Europe, subjugating the local forces and emerging as an empire. King Francis of France, eager to head east, to the vast wealths of India and China, began planning an invasion of Russia, which would act as a stepping stone to his goals.

He drew up the plans for an offensive along with his staff, before tasking the Lord's Louis of Rheims and Estienne of Dijon with his armies.

The French army, now combined with that of their new vassal states, numbered at about 200,000 professional soldiers. The smaller Russian forces, only numbered 100,000 at the start of the war.

Opening moves

Louis and the first army set out first, moving towards the communitiy of Samogitia. Their arrival was not anticipated, and the French sacked the town, and pushed on. The Russians, now aware of the threat, readied their army at Tannenburg, where they sought to defeat the French in open battle. However, they were caught off guard, when the French arrived first. The Russians, still set up in their camps in the forests, where painfully flushed out with cannons, before being cut down by the French elite cavalry.

Estiennes army however, moved unhidred through Russia, before setting up fortifications at Minsk, where they awaited Louis and his army. However, the Republic of Novgorod, allied to the Russians, made a decisive strike, laying siege to the fort. Their cossak gunners took a toll on the French, before Louis' vanguard arrived and forced them into a rout.

The capture of Moscow

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