frankie as ben

elizabeth as gwen

grandpa as grandpa max

Insectosaurus from (Monsters vs Aliens) as wildmutt

bear as four arms

wicket as grey matter

Sonic from (Sonic) as Xlr8

B. O. B from (Monsters vs Aliens) as upgrade

hemilich from (A bug's life) as stinkfly

marlin from (finding nemo) as ripjaws

Wind titan from (hercules) as ghostfreak

oogie boogie from (The nightmare before christmas) as diamondhead

Gulliver from (Jack black's gulliver's travels) as way big

either po from (Kung fu panda) or eduaro from (foster's home for imaginary friends) as cannonbolt

Pleakley from (Lilo and Stich) as wildvine

Muno from (Yo Gabba Gabba) as eye guy

Brobee from (Yo Gabba Gabba) as upchuck

Human torch from (Fantastic four) as heatblast

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