Frank Lawson once a member of the Runaway Team who first job was to catch Becky Miles with the help of some more members of Oasis Care

He was the lowest in the group and felt like a doormatt he stayed with Oasis Care and was one of the group who caught Becky Miles. He found it interesting how much Scott Curtis cared for Becky Miles this changed his way of thinking.


Later on that year he was sent to kill Maria Hart however he was beaten in battle when he lost his fight to her when Stacy Hart and Maria Hart together were to strong for him.


He and the rest of the group wanted payback because of the Rivers blowing up Oasis Care he wanted to get even with the help of his workers Steve Oscar and Louie Barton they kidnapped Emily Matters then soon afterwards they found themself up with the Rivers who took them down in battle after this Frank wanted to make it up to the River who made him see the good side.


Frank Lawson died of cancer at the age of 50 and he would never forget the Rivers and always remember them as someone who changed his life around.

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