Putting on the face of a newspaper salesman, common burglar Frank Sahwit was caught robbing the home of Cindy Stone, and in reflex grabbed the closest thing he could find to knock her out with temporarily. Unfortunately for both of them, he grabbed a statue clock of "The Thinker", which was more than heavy enough to do her in. He later decided to accuse her boyfriend Larry Butz of murdering her. In the end, however, Phoenix Wright revealed the truth, and Sahwit was taken away.


Frank Sahwit's name is a pun on the phrase "Frank saw it".

Memorable Quotes

Frank Sahwit

The First Turnabout

The First Turnabout
Discovered Ms. Stone's body. Newspaper salesman who saw Larry flee the scene.
PhoenixIn fact, you were one of her "sugar daddies"! Be frank with us, Mr. Sahwit!
"Frank"? I'm always "Frank"!

PhoenixProof enough for you, Mr. Sahwit? Or should I say... Mr. Did It!

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