frankie as hercules

elizabeth as megera

jason as philocetes

sean as hades

Danberry and Fishy as Pain and Panic

Carl Lakey, Johnathan, and Striker as an Extra with Danberry and Fishy

the gross sisters (proud family) as the fates

wicket as pegusas

The Monstars from (Space Jam) as The Titans

Monstar Pound from(Space Jam) as cyclop

monster as hydra

insectosaurus from (monsters vs vs aliens) as cerberus

Johnatan and Corey from (The Mrs. Cherry Show) as Pain and Panic as boys

A female habbit as Pain and Panic as a horse



  • Sean/hades: And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you,re going to dooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  • ALL Monstars: destroy him!!!!!!
  • Bupkus: Crush! Daddy!
  • Blanko: Freeze Him
  • Bang: Melt Daddy
  • Nawt: BLOW.......HIM.......AWAY!!!!!!!!
  • Bupkus: Daddy
  • Blanko: Freeze him
  • Sean: Um guys (The Monstars/Titans turns at Sean/Hades, while finding olimpus)
  • Bupkus: Daddy
  • Blanko: Freeze Him
  • Sean: Hold it right eye
  • Pound: Huh? (Monstar Pound/Cyclops turns at Sean/Hades)
  • Sean: I got a special job for you, my? Monstar friend.

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