4th grade clips and shrek sound

frankie as shrek (ogre)

polo as donkey

candace (phineas and ferb) as fiona (human)

elizabeth as fiona (ogre)

jeremy (phineas and ferb) as shrek (human)

jake (adventure time) as donkey (horse)

sean as lord farquaad

wicket as gingy

giant frankie as mongo the giant gingerbread

fluffy as dragon

jason as puss in boots

nia as kitty softpaws

melvin as big bad wolf

the three little pigs (disney version) as three little pigs

nibbles, jerry, and ducky (tom and jerry) as three blind mice

good sharky as pinocchio

kaa (jungle book) as magic mirror

ms harrison as queen lillian

master jaten as king harold ( i know that king harold is good and master jaten is bad)

judge doom (who framed roger rabbit) or frollo (the hunchback of notre dame) as prince charming

lizzy jones as fairy godmother

fang,appa, and naga (avatar and legend of korra) as the dronkeys

andy (toy story) as artie

merlin as himself

yakko, wakko, and dot (animaniacs) as shrek's children

montana max (tiny toons adventure) as rumplestiltskin

cyclops (hercules) as fifi

sandy cheeks (spongebob squarepants) as snow white

bubble (powerpuff girls) as cinderella

daisy duck (mickey mouse) as rapunzel

buttercup (powerpuff girls) as sleepy beauty

ursula (little mermaid) as doris (both voice sound the same)

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