Frankie White and the Seven Animals


  •  Frankie Foster (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Snow White
  • Adult Kiara (The Lion King II) as Prince Charming
  • Vicky (the Fairly Odd Parents) as the Queen
  • Mother Gothel (Tangled) as the Witch
  • Danny (Cats Don't Dance) as Doc
  • Adult Simba (The Lion King)  as Grumpy
  • Thomas O' Malley (The Aristocats) as Happy
  • Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians (1961)) as Sleepy
  • Pinke Pie (MLP) as Bashful
  • Kairel (El Arca) as Sneezy
  • Young Baloo (Jungle Cubs) as Dopey
  • Coachman (Pinocchio) as Magic Mirror
  • Squidward Tentacles (Spongebob Squarepants) as the Hunstman

The Framing Devices with Patchy the Pirate and Potty from It's a Spongebob Christmas and Truth or Square are also Used in the movie

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