frankie as thomas

jason as edward

wicket as henry

bear as gordon

jayden as james

super frank as percy

benny the cab (who framed roger rabbit) as toby

elizabeth as emily

johnathan (ms cherry show) as skarloey

corey (ms cherry show) as rheneas

sean (ms cherry show) as sir handel

kelvin as peter sam

gonzo/tinman (muppet's wizard of oz) as rusty

sean as diesel

lucky as mavis

jacob (ms cherry show) as hugo

samantha (ms cherry show) as an extra with jacob

big winnie as stanley

ted as an extra with big winnie

panicky (the smurfs) as oliver

little winnie and little bear as bash and dash

uncle vince as ferdinand

joeraffe and bobraffe as donald and doughlas

daddy as duck

jerry (tom and jerry) as scruff

spongebob and patrick (spongebob squarepants) as bill and ben

ms harrison as lady

lawrence (princess and the frog) as sidney

dr. facilier (princess and the frog) as paxton

jimmy neutron (jimmy neutron) as norman

timmy turner (fairly oddparents) as an extra with jimmy neutron

mordecai (regular show) as jack

rigby (regular show) as alfrie

noah (school kids) as cranky

twonkie (jimmy neutron) as charlie

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