frankie as aladdin

elizabeth as jasmine

bear as genie

wicket as abu

jason as carpet

sean as jafar

giant ursula (little mermaid) as snake jafar

toon judge doom (who framed roger rabbit) as genie jafar

joe as rajah

bob as an extra with joe

baby joe and baby bob as rajah as a cub

ant-man (avengers) as abu as a toy

the chief (T . U. F. F puppy) as iago

Quote 1

  • Frankie/aladdin: Not so fast sean, aren't you forgetting something.
  • Toon judge doom/genie jafar:huh
  • Frankie/aladdin: you want to be a genie you got it.
  • Toon judge doom/genie jafar: WHAT!?
  • Frankie/aladdin: everything that goes with it.
  • Toon judge doom/genie jafar: no. no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (he gets suck back in to the lamp along with the chief)

Quote 2

  • Frankie/aladdin: You cowardly octopus
  • Sean/jafar: a octopus am I. Perhaps you like to see how to (Sean/jafar turns into Giant ursula/a giant snake)
  • Giant ursula/snake jafar: octopus like i could be.

Quote 3

  • Giant Ursula: Slave! I make my third wish. I wish to be an all powerful toon.
  • Bear: Alright, your wish is my command, i should go now (Bear/Genie turns Giant Ursula/Snake Jafar into Toon Judge Doom/Genie Jafar)

Quote 4

  • Frankie: Let her go (Frankie/Aladdin attacks Sean/Jafar and toss the lamp to wicket/abu)
  • The Chief: Oooh, nice shot you (As wicket/abu punches the chief/iago)
  • Sean: Don't toy with me (Sean turns wicket/abu into ant-man/a toy version of him)
  • Frankie: Wicket
  • Sean: Things are falling down now, boy. (Jason falls down)

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