Franklin, Bear, Beaver, Goose, Rabbit, Fox, & Skunk (From Franklin) As Alice

Mrs. Turtle (From Franklin) As Alice's Sister

Gnocchi (From Curious George) As Dinah

Reader Rabbit As The White Rabbit

Pierre The Raccoon (From Reader Rabbit) As The Doorknob

Edgar (From The Aristocats) As Dodo

Sonic & Tails (From Sonic) As Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Dawson (From The Great Mouse Detective) As The Warlus

Basil Of Baker Street (From The Great Mouse Detective) As The Carpenter

Brother Bear (From The Berenstain Bears) As Bill The Lizard

Will The Elephant (From Reader Rabbit) As The Caterpillar

Sam The Lion (From Reader Rabbit) As The Cheshire Cat

Zazu (From The Lion King) As Mad Hatter

Iago (From Aladdin) As March Hare

Mat (From Reader Rabbit) As The Dormouse

Pearl (From Reader Rabbit) As Queen of Hearts

Ratbeard (From Reader Rabbit) As King Of Hearts

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