Disc 1

  1. Franklin is Lost (Moral: Always listen to your parents' rules)
  2. Franklin is Messy (Moral: Pick up after yourself)
  3. Franklin Fibs (Moral: Always tell the truth)
  4. Finders Keepers for Franklin (Moral: Always return something you found to it's rightful owner)
  5. Franklin Growing Up Fast (Moral: Growing up is a part of life)
  6. Franklin's Library Book (Moral: Being responsibility)
  7. Franklin and the Babysitter (Moral: Don't be afraid of meeting someone new)
  8. Franklin and the Broken Globe (Moral: Always tell the truth when you've done something wrong)
  9. Franklin Says Sorry (Moral: Don't tell secrets)
  10. Franklin and the Fire (Moral: Fire safety)

Disc 2

  1. Franklin and his Night Friend (Moral: Nocturnal creatures only come out at night)
  2. Franklin Takes the Bus (Moral: Always ask for permission before you take something that doesn't belong to you)
  3. Big Brother Franklin (Moral: Always take care of your younger siblings)
  4. Franklin Snoops (Moral: Never snoop)
  5. Franklin's Funny Business (Moral: Playing jokes on everyone constantly isn't good, and two wrongs don't make a right)
  6. Franklin the Fearless (Moral: Never boast about things you can't do)
  7. Franklin and the Bus Patrol (Moral: Always follow the rules on the school bus)
  8. Franklin's UFO (Moral: Don't believe rumors and speculations)
  9. Franklin's Word (Moral: Hurtful words are not nice to say)
  10. Franklin Plays it Safe (Moral: Safety is usually the best)


  • The episodes for this release were chosen in a poll where fans of Franklin could vote for the episodes they thought were suitable for the release.