1993-11-03 - The Nally - 1x01

Francine Joy "Franny" Finest was born the second daughter of Susie Finest and Monty Finest. Franny was raised in Flushing, Queens in New York city beside her sister Nadine. Frannu and best friend Vassana Tario attended local Hillcrest High School alongside fellow students Ray Barone, Franny's arch-rival, Heather Biblow, the late actress, Morgan Faulkner, and taxicab driver wannabe playwright Jeffrey Needlemen.

Upon graduating, Franny attended cosmetics college while working as a foot model. She later assisted in her then-fiancé Danny Imperiali in his bridal shop in Flushing, Queens until she was dumped by Imperiali who immediately replaced her with Heather Biblow. Not only did Heather steal Franny's job, she also married Danny instead.

Franny then resorted to selling "Shades of the Orient" makeup door-to-door. Two days later, Franny arrived at the home of Maxwell Sheffield, who was a broadway producer, who hires her as a nanny for his three kids, Maggie, Brighton, and Grace Sheffield (who is also known as Gracie). This occurs after she shows Maxwell her references, which are written in lipstick. Franny's favorite color is Pink. 


Franny is self-conscious about her age; she often claims to be 29, regardless of how much time passes. Franny is constantly under pressure to get married by her mother, which results in comical situations when Fran declines a chance to marry a rich man (causing her mother to threaten her). She isn't a real nanny, so when raising the kids, she gives them street smarts and life tricks. This makes certant events crazy and comical.


The romantic tension between Maxwell and Franny lasts until the couple gets engaged in the fifth season; following several snafus, they are finally married in the season 5 finale. Until that point, they always address each other with proper employer-employee politeness, i.e. "Miss Fine" and "Mr. Sheffield".

Maxwell finally confesses to Franny that he loves her (for the first time) when their plane to New York from Paris meets some turbulence, and he believes they may crash. So ends season 3 on a cliffhanger, as to what will eventually happen between them.

Upon returning home, at the beginning of season 4, Maxwell immediately revokes the statement (this is later referred to as "the thing" and is held over Mr. Sheffield's head with glee by Franny).

However, by the fifth season, Maxwell and Franny begin a tentative romantic relationship, which consisted of a very large milestone: calling each other by their first names. Maxwell proposes marriage (a move that sends C.C who had an obsessive crush on Maxwell and jealous hatred of Franny, to a mental hospital). Later, they are married, after C.C. gets back in town. C.C. even tries to walk down the aisle with Maxwell to try to marry her. Later Franny legally adopts Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie. 

Franny finally gets pregnant in the season 5 episode Oh Say Can You See after a long battle of trying to get into that state. Soon after, it is revealed that they are having twins. In The Nally Finale Part 1, Franny goes into labor. It ends with her, and the rest of the gang going to the hospital so Franny can give birth. When Maggie, Brighton and Gracie ask their father who he thinks the twins are going to look like. Maxwell replies that it doesn't matter who they look like, as long as they're, "...happy, and healthy, and...sound like me".

They finally give birth to fraternal twins, Eve and Jonah. Jonah, who was born first, was named for Franny's side of the family, but was more reserved like his father; and Eve, who was born a few minutes later, was named for her father's side of the family, but was more nasally and boisterous like her mother.

Despite the fact they stopped using each other's last names to address each other when they married, Franny and Max would still switch to their boss/employee roles out of habit. When Maxwell is angry with her, he will instinctively shout "Miss Finest!", causing a worried Fran to reply, "Oh no, I'm Miss Finest again!". The same is true for Franny, who calls Maxwell "Mr. Sheffield" in bed. Before they got married, Franny had many fantasies of them making out or close to being in bed together.


  • Emily or Rosie (Thomas & Friends)
  • Sally Arcon or Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo; both of thvir lagis are Purple)

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