Freak City is a Japanese-American animated 7-minute short that aired in Cartoon Premierezo. This short was later greenlited into a back-up segment for "Xeo in the Big City" which was also greenlited. Most Japanese footage from the anime, Kimba the White Lion (with recycled characters by Osamu Tezuka), were used for the short.

The series was later greenlited into a series for a spin-off of Life called Planet Earth. None of the characters return except for Viper Snakley.


Dr. Hamegg (Viper Snakely in the English dub) and Kutter (Tubby in the Englishn dub) shoot a 10-year old boy named Kevin Morris, transforming him into a mutated frog. The people of his town threw him in the sewers with the other freaks; Buzara (Gork in English dub), Bongo (Zap in English dub), Kenichi and May (WeeWee and Gorflax in English dub), Saru (Trudy in English dub) and Pagoola (Kim in English dub). The freaks don't want to do anything but just lay down and be lazy. But now, Kevin fights for their rights. But unfortunatley, Dr. Hamegg hasn't impressed his overweighted jerky boss, Dr. Plus (Duke Red in English dub) by trying to kill the Super Freak which is all of the freaks. Kevin must stop Hamegg and Kutter from killing them.


  • Kevin Morris: A 10-year old boy who was transformed into a mutated superhuman frog. He was treated as a misfit and made friends with the freaks.
  • Buzara (Gork): An African-American green monster who was the brains of the freaks. He was transformed into a disembodied head.
  • Bongo (Zap): A Japanese-Hawaiian Sun alien who speaks in stereotypical surf and hippie slang. He was transformed into an arm.
  • Kenichi and May (WeeWee & Gorflax): Twin French-American children who have sibling rivalries. They were transformed into tonsils.
  • Saru (Trudy): A Caucasian alien that wears a helmet that breathes a special type of gas. She was transformed into the waist.
  • Pagoola (Kim Sanchez): A Brazillian women who is very violent and lost her left eye and hand. She was transformed into an arm.
  • Dr. Hamegg (Viper Snakley): A poacher who will hunt anything from money. Viper uses his special gun to capture his creatures for money. In one episode, he uses grease to curl his mustache. His character was used in many animes.
  • Kutter (Tubby): Viper's sidekick who joins him on his journeys. A running gag is that he is always seen eating something but his wife asks him to go on a diet. He is very dumb. Tubby resembles Wimpy from Popeye.
  • Dr. Plus (Duke Red): Viper and Tubby's boss who yells and insults them and when yelling at Viper; he uses phrases that he already said previously which annoys Viper.

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