The Great and Majestic Uodo Freddo DelCapiccio

Uodo Freddo DelCapiccio (a.k.a. Fred) (now dead) was born on November 17, 1919 and 1872. In the year 1921 he invented the Tricycle, Paper Cut, Air Guitar and Drums, Boomerang, and the DVD. He was first born in Miami, Florida, USA. He was working for Ford when he married his first wife and his next 23 wives in 1779. Some of Fred’s friends were Cupid, Santa, and Easter Bunny, He was cool, his mom and dad (who were Italian immigrants from Italy) and his 199 siblings loved having him around. He died in 3030 by a karate chopped in the heart by Steven and Benjamin. Fred was coolesterest than any one else. His buddies are Matthew, Tim, and Josh. Fred was voted in 1966 the coolest man alive, and after that in 1456 he helped raise Christopher Columbus. He also helped with the Mono Lisa in the year it was painted. Fred was cool. He was born second in Rhode Island. He was president of the United States, and since he was so dane-nabit cool he was never remembered because presidents weren’t suppose to be cool like Fred. Fred lives in the Neumann household except on Wednesday he lives at school. In school he has Algebra I, Study Hall, World History I, Study Hall, Religion, Basic Art, Study Hall, and General Science. Then he helps manage the girls JV basketball team. He is believed to be the reincarnation of Alregionalus Caesar who was a distant relative of Julius Caesar. In the days before Tibirius Caesar, Alregionalus Caesar has come to the conclusion that he was to cool for Rome and left for Gaul (now Germany and France). Alregionalus Caesar became a Teutonic Priest for the mountains there, Alregionalus Caesar then invented origami to prove to the ancient mountain native that he was indeed from the cool Japan; he then invented a time machine. And helped make Sony and Nintendo, then he sold his time machine on eBay to Kip Dynamite (but he forgot that only he can use it so it didn’t work for him.) Fred use to be friends with Ben but took a surprising hit when Ben killed him, now he is waiting for the moment when he will be reincarnated so he can kill Ben, and Fred plans to run for president again for South Africa. Cool huh? Yeah I know Fred has done a butt-load of stuff in his life so I hope y’all know it aren’t all.



I, President Uodo Freddo DelCapiccio, Declare that every house should have a video game system for free, If, by chance, someone asks to make money off this machine (that is not tim) shall have his head cut off by Godzilla. Have his guts split out by a chain saw. Also every one shall ne’er doubt the existence of me, Fred, or they will be whipped and have lemons and salt rubbed on their cuts, it will sting, and also, they will die slowly and inefficiently, if possible will die. And so be it if dead and not alive, you just proved to be stupid.



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