Fredos are fictional characters in the online play and stories by Prof. David Renwick. They are roughly based on the "gobbo" characters in the pc and ps2 games “Croc- The Legend Of The Gobbos” and “Croc 2” by fox studios. In the storyline the fredo race are led by a joint Dictatorship/ Monarchy where King Fredo rules jointly with the over ruler Drock. The King fredo is always shown on his gold throne with the Drock, which is usually shown as a type of Crocodile on a similar gold throne beside him. The fredos are at war with the cruel and evil rileys (red devil like creatures led by the fat red Zachinias, which is not usually shown. The err... not very smart fredos long and seemingly never-ending troubles continue through ought the series despite several successive savings by the helpful Drock. The last episode left off with the yellow taxi just leaving the New York apartment block and suggestions from Prof. D.Renwick suggest that the taxi will feature greatly in the upcoming episodes. The main fredo colours are green and they have a strange and confusing language that consists of mainly the words "hello" and some English words with frr as a prefix. The writer wishes that you have read this article thoroughly and retain some information about the fredos and their surrounding paraphernalia.

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