I have a dream in which governments are as free and diverse as computer operating systems. Through open technological innovations and intelligent specifications we can construct our own governments that we choose to participate in, unbounded by physical land, where decisions are always trickled up from each citizen (sorry, I cannot be represented by any individual but me), where money flow and policy changes are transparent and required by law to be easy to understand, access, and search. Here’s what I worked on yesterday: it defines how to join the virtual nation. Please feel free to comment on concerns and add suggestions. I’ll try to put it in a wiki if enough people are interested.

FOG project #1: a minimal democratic virtual nation

Rules of Citizenship

   * to become a citizen, you need the nomination(s) of current citizen(s). The requirements for becoming a citizen shall meet the following requisites:
        1. the requirements are such that there is an incentive to nominate only those individuals that do not yet have citizenship.
        2. the details of the requirements are determined by the people through a [collaborative process]
   * citizens can hold multiple citizenships to other nations, but only one to this nation.
   * citizens may lose their citizenship if they do not satisfy the conditions of citizenship decided by a [collaborative process]

Collaborative Process

work in progress

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